Monday, October 24, 2011

Roomspiration Recap

Aubrey at All Things Bright and Beautiful picked Cami's room as one of her top favorites for the Roomspiration blog hop and link party.  If you haven't visited Aubrey's blog, she has an eye for on trend high style and her blog is filled with visual delights.  Go check out the other fabulous kid's rooms she highlighted.  I'm always amazed by the creativity and vision out in blog land.   

If your are a regular follower you've probably seen Cami's room.  It took me a couple months to finish.  If you didn't see Cami's room reveal it was an 11 year old birthday present to her.  She loves horses, reading, and art so I wanted to give her a vibrant room to get her creative juices flowing.  It needed to be a little sophisticated because Cami is starting Middle School next year.  If you click on the link above you can see how I completed all the projects in her room on a very small budget.

A place for all her books and a large desk to do homework and draw at.

To see how I made this light using an old 70's light fixture and metal hanging plant cages go here.   Mandi from Vintage Revival was a guest judge at a link party I entered this chandelier in and she liked it so much she used my tutorial to create one for a client.  Her huge following took notice and I'm seeing more and more of them out in blog land. 
I'm always happy to help people make something beautiful for not much cash.

 I made the jewelry organizer from found beach driftwood and plastic toy horses.

The biggest most time consuming part of the project was refinishing and painting the concrete floors.

I took this picture from the top of a ladder.  It's a small room and I had trouble getting good shots.

I blog what I love doing and what I've always been doing.  I would be doing things like this even if no one noticed, but I can't lie, it feels nice when my little blog gets noticed every once in awhile.

Stay tuned for my first give away in honor of my little blog reaching 150 followers. 

Thanks for checking it out.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The flock is flying the coop, but some can't escape

Halloween is almost here and I only have about a third of my decorations up.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  My oldest daughter wants to trick or treat with her friends this year and my youngest leaves for sixth grade camp on Halloween. It won't be the same without her.  Trick or treating with my girls is winding down as they grow up.

Some of my flock can't escape my clutches.
I thought I would show you this years last few Halloween installments. 
I like crows. 
My philosophy on crow decor is when one would work ten are better. 
I have a flock and they love to greet the guest from the front entry. 

They keep a watchful eye over the new blue pumpkins.

Beware of the shadows.

I like to glam up my skulls too. 
Don't mind the snake he won't bite......much.

I use old costume jewelry in the eye sockets for some bling.  
You know I love bling. 
A little red candle wax dripped on the skull and we have what I call,
"Gory Glam."

Here's the kitchen island decked out in black and white Halloween decor.

I added some white pumpkins, greenery, white ostrich feathers, and what else, more crows to my kitchen candelier.

Don't mind the skeletons climbing in the lanterns
They only come to life when the lights are off.

I made these pumpkins years ago.  I just hot glued ribbon and faux pearls around the sides.  Then I hot glued more costume jewelry to the ribbon.  Some feather boa on top and bottom, very easy.

Grandma's costume jewelry re purposed.

More magnetic lobotomized skeleton decor.

The black and white feather streamers are dollar store hair feathers. 

Cherish those Trick or Treat times with your flock, it goes by so fast.

Are you ready for Halloween?

The DIY Show Off

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Performing Lobotomies

It won't hurt a bit. 
Just a few drill holes to the skull and were almost done.

I started with these 5 guys and 5 of their little friends.  
They came in a package complete with nooses around their scrawny necks. 
I bought 2 packages.  They were 50 percent off and cost me a total of $5.00.

 They were an unruly bunch, but I took my chances and removed their nooses. 
They happily practiced their synchronized swimming on my table at their new found freedom.
 I gave them a light spray of white paint to brighten them up.
They smiled through the entire painting.

What they didn't know was they were all getting.....


They gritted their teeth and took it like men.

I think I let out a wild cackle or two while drilling.

Next they all got some bling.

Look they're smiling again.
They all look at the world through rose colored glasses now.

Time for some new hardware. 
I used jewelry magnets from Michael's.

Some left over chandelier crystals. 
My men needed some bling to compliment their fabulous new sparkly pink eyes.

I've showed you my magnetic starfish and crystal drops in this post here.
This is how I bling out my chandeliers.

My lobotomized skeletons are taking over the chandeliers for the Halloween season.

Lobotomies complete, hardware installed.
Here are my men happily hanging on my chandelier.
Their eyes glow when they're happy.

Here are some more magnetic lobotomized skeletons I made a couple years ago.
I hung them on my metal hanging basket light.

Pearls for the girls.

They are proud skeletons and always stand at attention. 
Some of them are little fresh and wink at me when I walk by. 
I show them my drill and they remember to mind their manners.

Performed any lobotomies lately?

Happy Halloween

Thanks for checking it out.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Buffet

It was about 95 degrees here in sunny San Diego and it still feels weird getting out the pumpkins?  I know many of you welcome the cooler weather that fall brings, but I thrive in the heat.  Yesterday I played volleyball at the beach and it felt like summer.  Playing volleyball with my girl friends is my one selfish "me time" I'm holding on to right now.  I'm down to just once a week at the moment.  I'm kind of over scheduled, totally my own doing and it's only temporary.  I won't bore you with "I'm sooo busy,"  because I know all of you are just as busy too.  Do you know anyone that isn't over scheduled and busy? 
I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to visit my little blog.
Thank you! 
Here is my fall buffet.  I'm using more of my studded pumpkins
 I made these many years ago. 
I still like them.

Here I am trying to be artsy with Picnik.

I added old Fleur Di Ly's fence finials to the top of my pumpkins.  My mom picked these up for me at an architectural salvage store.  She's my personal shopper.  I didn't know what to do with them at the time, but I knew they would come in handy someday?  I took the pumpkin stem off and stuck in a few shish kabob skewers to hold the finial in place.  I used more of my feather boas around the bottoms. 

I used the left over tacks from a chair project.

 You can just see my Thanksgiving tree in the background of this picture.

Here's my Thanksgiving tree from last year.  Sorry the picture is bad it's from my old camera.

One of our family traditions is to put up a Thanksgiving Tree right after Halloween and this is one of the gratitude cards we put on the tree.  Our family, and everyone else that comes to our house writes something they are grateful for on the card and we hang them on the tree.  During the Thanksgiving meal we read them. 
The table runner is one I made from left over pillow fabric.

To see how I came up with the architectural piece above the mirror go here.

Under the cloche I have an urn filled with coral, feathers, and pumpkins.

Slowly but surely I'm getting my fall out and about the house.  The good news is that busy people like us get more done. 
I  would love to hear from you and see your fall decor.  Please leave me a comment and a link back so I can see what your up to.

Thanks for checking it out.

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