Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Metal Hanging Planter Light #2

I know, more lighting projects

I'm crazy for lights and almost bought a great one at Ikea for Cami's room makeover, but what's the fun in having one everyone else has?

Here's Cami's new light fixture for her room that I made with metal hanging planter baskets and a dated light I found at H4H.

Cami's room had an ugly broken ceiling fan that needed replacing.  While I love the practicality of a ceiling fan with lights, I don't like the aesthetics of it. 

The fan is out.

Janell from Isabella and Max Rooms got my creative juices flowing when she blogged about her hunt for a dining room chandelier.  She showed these gorgeous chandeliers in wire cages by John Jacobs

Hmm, chandeliers in cages?

I also like this amazing vintage industrial chandelier made by Hudson Goods
It's priced at $4,500. That's double my monthly mortgage so it's not in the budget. 

I  made this light a couple of months ago for free using metal hanging planters and some stuff laying around my house.  To see how I did it go here.
I thought I could use the same idea to create a unique and fun light fixture for Cami's room. 

I started with this light fixture that I picked up from Habitat for Humanity Restore for $20.
Ugly and dated right?
Check out the shape of the chandelier under the glass umbrella.  It has 12 arms and nice curves.
This is what I'm interested in and what will become the center of the new light.

I also picked a light that had two pieces that were the same size that I could sandwich the metal basket between.  Also the metal needed to have a bigger diameter than the hole in the bottom of the basket.

I started by unscrewing the top to remove the glass umbrella.  See the brass fixture that I'm left with? 
This will become the interior of my light. 

After removing the glass I placed a metal hanging planter upside down on the light fixture.  I purchased two of these planters at Lowe's.  I like the circle design on the side of the basket.  It repeats the circle on Cami's new bamboo ottoman.

You might need to add a longer or shorter center screw to your fixture.  These can be purchased in any lighting department at any hardware store.

It's like building a puzzle.  I ended up not needing all the decorative metal pieces in the finished light.

Make a metal basket sandwich.

Make sure the hole in the bottom of the basket is centered before you tighten everything down.

Tighten it securely.

Now we are ready for paint.  I painted it gold first which I loved, but it wasn't right for Cami's room.  Then I repainted it silver.  I was going to use the clips from the hanging chain to attach the bottom of the basket together, but I found a better way to connect the two for this project.

I used left over chandelier crystals to connect the top and bottom basket together.

I added  some of my magnet crystals to the outside of the basket for some bling. 
I just borrowed them off another chandelier in the house. 

I used round globe light bulbs to match the circles of the baskets.

I found a ceiling medallion at Lowe's on clearance and painted it the same color as the walls.

The 12 arms of the original chandelier give off great light and the crystal's reflection give the walls an almost pool like, wavy water appearance.

For around $45 Cami has an unique chandelier that she loves. 

Do you have any fun lighting projects that gave you a unique accessory for you home?
I would love to hear about them.
Thanks for checking it out!

Update: To see how Mandi over at Vintage Rivivals used my metal hanging basket idea in her Epic Room Makeover go here.


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  1. Shannon, I love this. I posted one that I did for my daughter yesterday, but it pales to yours.
    Great work!

  2. This is simply incredible, and so unique!
    I love all of your lighting projects. Bring 'em on!

  3. Wow, look at this! Exactly what I thought might be possible when I saw the cage fixtures! Great job!! Janell

  4. love it, shan. you never cease to amaze me with your creative talents. humbling, my friend.

    good on ya!
    can't wait to see the finished project for myself.

  5. This should make a magazine or home decor tv show. is that amazing. What a super project reveal.:)

  6. Oh wow!! You need to link this up all over blog world! It's spectacular!!! Wow!!!!

  7. You rock! Come and make me one, PLEASE!!!

  8. Wow. This is so creative! Love how the globe lights repeat all the circle shapes. What a unique light for $20!

  9. I adore this chandelier! I am so inspired to make my own light fixture!

  10. I've been looking for something for my entry. This would be great! Off to scour thrift shops.

  11. WOW! Absolutely adore this! Pinning now!

  12. This seriously turned out absolutely beautiful. Love the tip about using the leftover chandelier crystals for some added bling. Your daughter is lucky to have such a creative mama :)

  13. This is honestly the coolest project that I have seen out in blogland! Thanks so much for sharing...I will definitely send my readers your way!

  14. Love it! So inspiring! Would love to have you come check out my ReStore chandy project, too!

  15. Wow, Shannon. This is such a creative idea! i love it. PS. visiting from the Scott's crib.

  16. Wow, I love it! What a beautiful and unique lamp. Nice work.

  17. It is so awesome! I love that you used the phrase "Make a metal basket sandwich" in your tutorial. You speak my language... :)

  18. I love this! I want to make one now!!!! :)

  19. What a creative idea. Love how it turned out!

  20. This is ingenious! Thank you for sharing!

  21. I tried this and it came out great. I have just one question. How close are the bulbs to the wire baskets? I have similar bulbs on mine and they are almost too close. I'm wondering if it is safe. Thanks!

  22. All of these amazing lighting ideas are making me a good way!
    Now I HAVE to follow along!
    You are the lighting queen!

  23. Fantastic idea and design. This gives me some great inspiration for lighted hanging planter baskets. Thanks again!

  24. What a beautiful transformation! I love it when someone can see the potential of a piece that has been discarded. Thank you for the tutorial. It is precise and I want to make one NOW! lol PS: I love the vino in the background of your tutorial pics, it is a must with DIY's. ;)

  25. That looks great. I need to get me some tall metal planters and fix them up so they look as elegant as everything you do.


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