Friday, June 3, 2011

Do You Look Like Your Pet?

We have all heard the theory that we look like our pets?


I don't think I look like my little white dog Roscoe?  I've got a few gray hairs but not white yet.  I keep my eyebrows plucked and my whiskers shaved.  Ha Ha! 

She is a cute little thing, I'm tall.  "Little" is never used to describe me.

I have been known to wear animal prints, so maybe we dress a like?

This is my daughter Cami with her bunny Rosie.  Cami has blue/green eyes and a sprinkling of freckles.  Cami can be quite loud and funny!

Rosie has pink eyes, white fur and no freckles that we can see?
She never makes a peep.

This is our pet bull frog, Froggy.  He lives in our pond.  He's about the size of a dinner plate, huge!

We got him and a few more tadpoles at the Del Mar Fair a couple of years ago and he grew into this big daddy.

Frogs freeze when you shine a bright light at them at night. 
He held still long enough to get these pics.

He lives in our backyard in our pond.  I built it when we first moved in ten years ago.  Froggy lives with his fish friends.  Also mostly Del Mar Fair "rescues" that have multiplied over the years.
The kids love to sit on the wall and feed the fish.
Here they are with my dad in their p.j.'s.  They are much bigger now but still enjoy doing this.

Feeding frenzy!

The waterfall creates a soothing sound.

 I've started my swim work outs again now that the weather is warmer.

Hmm, maybe I do look like one of my pets?

Froggy and I look like twins when I swim.
(A bright light was shined in my eyes to get this picture)

We have the same fins.

Maybe there's something to this looking like your pet theory?

Do you look like one of your pets?

I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for checking it out!


  1. ha love it.
    not sure if i look like my dog or not. don't answer that...

  2. Haha, what a fun post, your frog is huge! Wow. But you are much prettier :)

  3. Ha! This is so funny! Well, we don't have any pets. I want two dogs one day. But with three boys, my husband is thinking of a pet being just another kid to take care of:-/

    I must admit, I did lugh out loud when you said you look like Froggy! That was so funny!

    BTW, I noticed that you follwed my blog. Thanks! I wanted to let you know that its my review blog for blogher. If you would like to see my REAL blog with tons of DIY and home decor and my other ramblings, then my main blog may be up your alley!

    Not saying you have to follow that one;)


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