Thursday, April 26, 2012

Restoration Hardware Rope Planitarium Chandelier Knock Off

Happy Thursday!
First off I want to thank everyone that left such supportive comments about my last post.  The Downside of Coaching.  I made all the team cuts and talked with every girl and many parents too.  So far the athletic director has received no complaints, so that's good news.  It was a hard day, but it had to be done. 

Some people over eat when they are stressed, I do projects.
I wanted to show you my latest project for my husband Henry's room.  Here is the light fixture I pinned awhile back.  It's from Restoration Hardware and it's on sale for $675.  What a deal!
Not in my budget, so I made my own version for $50.

Sale $675

Rope Planetarium Chandelier Medium

Here is mine that I made for
under $50 and some burned fingers.

This is what I used to make it.
An old $20 light fixture from H for H.  3 hula hoops from Big Lots( total $9.)  The hula hoops at Big Lots came in three sizes.  I chose the medium sized ones.  They are about about 27"-28" in diameter?  I used a total of 4 rolls of 50' x 3/8" rope from Big Lots (total $16).  I didn't know how much rope I needed, so I bought 6 rolls.  I can take back the two extras or save them for another project.  A can of black spray paint that I already had.  Duct tape that I already had. 

First I took the light fixture apart, I only need the guts for this project.  I'll save the glass for another project.  I drilled a hole in one of the hula hoops and threaded the top of the chandelier through the hole and screwed the loop on to secure the end.

Next I duct taped the other two hula hoops to the drilled hoop.  I had to play around with this step to get the proportions right.  It helps if you can hang the chandelier up and step back to check it out from all sides.

Next I spray painted the whole thing black.  I kind of liked it like this and probably will make anther light using the hula hoops without the rope.  I would have to do a neater tape job or hot glue the hoops for a cleaner look.

Next I started wrapping the hoops with the jute rope.
Once I hung it up in the room, I realized I needed to adjusting the hoops to make it look more symmetrical.   The tape pulled the paint off, but it doesn't matter, the rope will cover it up.

I burned my fingers so I had to tape them up with athletic tape for the rest of the project. 
 I have some nice blisters today.

The rope part of the project is very time consuming. 
Wrap and glue, wrap and glue. 
I cut the rope into manageable 6' sections and watched Nate Berkus to pass the time.

I cut the rope into smaller pieces and glued it into any holes I missed.

Do you think I should cover the candle stems? 
I didn't because they are skinny and close together and my fingers needed a break.
Yes, I have a lazy streak.
I predict more burned fingers if I cover the stems.

I can't show you any pictures of my chandelier lit up yet until the electrician comes back to add a J box to the center of the room.  He has been ill and I'm not sure when he will be able to come over? 
Adding the J box is beyond my electrical capabilities. 

The room is coming along slowly. 
I'm always amazed by the bloggers that can do a complete room make over in a weekend. 
I just don't work that fast!
Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. Amazing! You are always so clever!! Glad to hear tryouts went okay.

  2. I'm running out of adjectives for you, Shan.
    Your innate ability to actualize is astounding.
    Thus, you are Anythingology!

  3. I love it!!! I was just in the planning stages of wrapping a table in rope, must go by Big Lots and check out their rope selection now :)

  4. Looks very professional!! I like it!

  5. I am so very impressed with your version, Shannon! Hot glue is my nemesis, let me tell you. I seriously had 2nd degree burns on my fingers when I did a small project last summer. Burns tend to sting for a long, long time. Look forward to seeing this baby hanging in the room. :-) Sue

  6. GIRL! YOU. ARE. AAAAAAMAZING! This is so rad. I now want one in my house

  7. Shannon this is awesome! You have so much talent! Love it!

  8. That looks just like the real one!!! AMAZING!!

    1. WOOPS... That's my husbands account. Desiree from

  9. I think this is my favorite light knock off / DIY EVER!. I hope to find a place to do one for myself. I absolutely love this. I'm a new linky follower as well. Have a great day!

  10. I absolutely love RH's rope lights, but they are waaaay out of my price range for light fixtures. You're knock-off looks just as great! Nice work! Hot glue is great for projects, but I think we all always end up with crazy burns afterwards. If you still wanted to wrap the candelabra part, maybe you could use a spray or liquid adhesive instead? And maybe smaller jute would work, especially if you could just spray or brush some type of glue on instead of hot glueing...Just some thoughts to spare you anymore burns. :)

  11. shut up!! that is incredible! looks great! sorry about your little fingers! :(

  12. Shannon, I Love this! I have a question you think I could do this with mine? I have a 5 arm you can see it here would love to here what you think : )

  13. OMG!! Shannon, that is stunning!!! I'm not saying blisters and pain are worth it.....but seriously, they kinda are if you get that as a result!!! ;)

    I'm no help on the rope on the stems....I like that you can see the fixture in contrast to the hoops...but if you did it, I'd probably like that, too!!! See?? I'm useless!!! :)

  14. Girl that is beyond talent there!!! So stinking cool!
    Love it

  15. Hi from Thousand Oaks CA! Just found you!! Newest follower. COme over and say hello if you have time!

  16. Um-- WOW!! and from hula hoops. Great job!! I really need a new light fixture for my dining room. I'm inspired by your post to look outside the box.

  17. Just popped over from 504 Main link party. This is beautiful, such an amazing project! Thanks for sharing.

    Kelly @ herringbone lane

  18. There is a possibility that you just may be a genius... ;)

  19. I love your light fixture reproductions. They use the most mundane items to create beautiful fixtures you'd expect in anthropologie and restoration hardware.


  20. You are so talented. This chandelier looks amazing!

  21. This is amazing! I love it... sorry your fingers are burnt, but so so worth it! I love it!

  22. Oh my gosh Shannon!!! That's amazing! I can't believe it's hoola hoops!! I'm pinning this right this second. You blow me away- you're so creative! LOve love love this. Awesome lighting is so dang expensive so I love diy ideas that are actually doable AND that can totally rival the real thing. You're a genius!!

  23. This is awesome! Love it and cannot wait to try it out! newest follower!

  24. That is amazing! I have that same ugly light fixture in my foyer. That's going to change! Thanks for the tutorial!

  25. Shannon - your poor fingers! But it's gorgeous! I would leave it as is. You did an amazing job! I love RH but the prices are way out of my budget too. RH inspired DIY is one of my favorites! I'm going to include a link back in this week's highlights! ;)

  26. Visiting from The DIY Showoff to check out your fab light fixture! And, I happen to have picked up a similar fixture to your original that I removed the guts to also. Was trying to come up with what to use the glass enclosure for- would love to hear what you have in mind!

  27. Wow-BEAUTIFUL! I simply LOVE it! Your knock off is better than the original! I would love it if you would follow me!

    Thank You & Many Blessings

  28. awesome!! like your price tag better 4 sure!! i'm going to rope a light fixture i have...hope it looks as great as yours!! xo nancy elizabeth

  29. Looks beautiful! LOVE your rope light.

  30. This is so stinkin awesome! Super great tute, too! I had to pin this baby!
    xo Becca

  31. This is such a clever knockoff! Your finished product is amazing...and sooo much more affordable! lol

    I would love to have you join me at my weekly linky party - Time Travel Thursday. The new link just went up last night. Hope to see you there.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  32. AMAZING!! I love it. Too bad hot glue is so darn dangerous. I am in awe of your DIY skills!

  33. Oh my goodness!!!! I think I may attempt this one over the summer! I wonder how it would look spray paint gold?!?! Brilliant idea, Shannon!!!

  34. This is such a great idea! Love the Hula Hoops, turned out just as nice :)

  35. This is genus! I actually like the fixture just spray painted black also. It's beautiful!

  36. This is genius! I actually like the light just spray painted black also. It's beautiful!

  37. Really Great Will probably make My own:)!

  38. You are my new hero! I just found you and I have a feeling you are gonna be a great way though. I can't wait to spend some time here.

  39. This is SOOOOO perfect! I am in love with the finished project. Hopefully your fingers healed fast!!!! I want to try something like this with a double tiered chandelier and I am forever grateful for your tutorial. Cant wait to follow along!


  40. Hi. I found your fun post and since I'm a professional hoop dancer I was inspired to share your clever hula-hoop light fixture on my blog. Thanks!! Cara Zara PS: I linked back to you.

  41. Hi. I found your fun post and since I'm a professional hoop dancer I was inspired to share your clever hula-hoop light fixture on my blog. Thanks!! Cara Zara PS: I linked back to you.


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