Thursday, April 12, 2012

Making The Cut

Happy Belated Easter!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful day together.  I on the other hand, missed Easter and spent a good part of the day in bed sick.  I have a nagging cough that I can't seem to shake which is unusual for me since I haven't been sick in over a year.  I tried playing volleyball Monday morning hoping a good sweat would make me feel better.  I'm much better today.
The first cut was the huge molding project in my husband's new room.
We made great progress on Saturday.  When I say "we" I mean my brother Mike.  I can do simple molding projects like window casings and fireplace mantels, but this room has some difficult angles.  Mike is really talented with wood working.  He wears a suit everyday and is an investment banker by trade, but could easily have been a cabinet maker.  I basically followed him around, handed him the nail gun, and tried to stay out of his way while he made all the cuts.  My husband spent the afternoon jack hammering out the fire pit.  More on that project later. 
This is where the new room is at right now.  Mike put baseboards on the wall and then put another piece of baseboard on the ceiling.  He has been coming after work this week and is in the process of putting up crown molding between the joint where the ceiling and wall meet.

Here is step one of building the crown molding, baseboard on wall and baseboard on ceiling.

The corners may look like 45 degrees, but they're not.  Nothing in this house is plumb.

Once the crown molding is added you won't see the seam or the gaps in between the two baseboards.

Here is the next step, the added piece of crown molding.  I have started filling the nail holes and joints with spackle.  I still need to sand and paint.

Here is the room before.

After painting the walls and ceiling.

After progress.
I also painted the inside of the front door black (the outside is already black).  I added window casings  and here is the partially completed crown molding.

Once painted the molding will look like one large piece of molding.
This corner is ready for sanding.

The second cut was the CSI Pillow Challenge
I made these for my slip covered couch awhile back and you can see them here.

My pillows made the cut!

If you get a chance, go see all the cute and creative pillows over at CSI.

Have a great weekend! 
Casey has a soccer tournament in Bakersfield, I have a volleyball tournament is Anaheim, and Cami has a volleyball tournament here in San Diego.  I think the molding work will have to wait till next week.

  Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Great progress, Shannon.
    Good luck to you and the girls in the tournaments.
    I'll hop over a take a look at the pillows!

    1. And congrats on the pillows!
      Need more coffee. ;)

  2. Oh wow that room has a ton of angles!! I can only imagine what it was like adding molding in there! Lucky you to have such a talented brother- it looks amazing! love how the molding at the ceiling is so thick. The room is looking great Shannon! I love your pillows too! Congrats! Hope you'll be over your cough soon.

  3. Sigh... That molding is just dreamy! I wish I had a brother who could do that. Love the dark ceiling, btw. Off to daydream about crown molding.

  4. The molding is fantastic! I heart chunky molding!! Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you all have a very busy weekend ahead. Only one more tourney and Regions for us!!

  5. I am impressed with all the molding - skilled family! Congratulations on making the cut at CSI - I had no idea you sew. Have to check out that post.

  6. You have a great blog. Just found it and I love the nail head trim around the mirror. Lots of fun ideas!

  7. Well shazzam Shannon you have been quite the busy bee :) I think you're ready for your own HGTV show :) Your space looks amazing, when my husbannd put up our crown moulding I left for a few days (it's better that way) just kidding. Congrats on 17 years of bliss too.


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