Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeling Blue, It's a Good thing!

It's busy times like these that I'm drawn to things that bring peace and calmness into my life.  I made a big pot of tortilla soup last night and got out my paint and got to work.  I'm very affected by color and I've been craving the color blue lately. 

 Color theory would have you believe that color evokes emotions and feelings.

I'm a believer.

"The color blue, is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.  Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness."

Anyone else need some tranquility and calmness right now? 
Blue is my mom's go to decorating color. 
She keeps telling me I need to like blue so she can give me all her blue stuff someday 
I'm in.

That brings me back to my latest project. 
Blue pumpkins.   
I searched Pinterest and here's what I found.  
I like the blue combined with the metallic.

Puffy paint pumpkins from Alisa Burke, she's a local San Diego girl like me. 
I don't know her, but I like her stuff and she takes gorgeous pictures of local scenery.

Are you feeling it?

Here's my take from the blue inspiration.
I added some blue to my entry table.

This entry table and mirror were hand me downs from two different people.  I painted them a distressed white with gold accents around 12 years ago.  I remember my daughter Casey helped me paint it.  She was around two at the time and she got white paint in her hair.  It took weeks to for all the paint to finally come out.

The walls in this room are seven layers of joint compound and shades of green and blue paint.

I started with this stacked ceramic pumpkin that I picked up from Home Goods a few years back.  The top stem was cracked and it was on clearance.  Nothing a little glue couldn't fix.  It's nice the way it was but you know me, if it can't run away from me there's a chance it might get painted.

For the pumpkins, I mixed up a couple different shades of blue paint using white primer and Universal Paint Tints.  I think several of the pumpkins I showed in the above pictures were painted with chalk paint.  Tinted primer creates a similar effect as chalk paint without the high price tag.  To see other primer paint projects click here.  I already have many different paint tints and the primer so this project cost a big fat zero to do.  If you're not comfortable mixing up your own paint go for the pre made chalk paint.

I added a feather boa around the edge of the urn stand. 

I just safety pinned it in place so it can be re used on another project later. 

This is the urn that came with the ceramic stacked pumpkins. 
I gave it a fresh coat of white paint because the original color was too yellow.

I also re sprayed some plastic pumpkins white and dry brushed them with gold and blue paint.  These were originally orange.  I sprayed them black and cut out the shape with a stencil about five years ago. Now they are distressed gold and blue.

Here's another one that used to be black too with one of my Stud Pumps topping it.

I added some gold craft paint and some white paint on top of the blue. 
Then I distressed the whole thing with some sand paper.

I think I like it, for now?  Sometimes I have to live with it for awhile to see if I really like it?
I have left over blue paint and I'm looking for other places around my house to add some blue. 

How about you, are you adding some no traditional Fall color to your decor these days?

Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. Love the blue colors! I love the non-traditional colors. I had blue pumpkins last year (real ones, pale blue). Haven't come across them yet this year. I do love the pale pink ones too. Finally got caught up around here, so maybe I will finally have time for a project or too. Painting is great therapy!!

  2. I totally believe you can create a mood with color! I love the blue that you added to your entry table. The whole arrangement is so pretty!

  3. Wow! This is so very pretty! And I adore the teeny tiny pumpkins!

  4. Love the blue pumpkins....I knew they were coming based on your pinterest additions :) I also love the new header...very nice!

  5. super cute as usual, shan. as always.

  6. Hi Shannon,

    I've awarded you a Versatile Blogger Award!
    Pop over when you get a minute.

    Love this tablescape!


  7. Your project turned out beautifully ~ love what you did!


  8. Hi Shannon..that must explain why I use blue throughout my home : ) Love how you brought the blue into your entry table. You should so sell the pumpkins you create.

  9. These are so pretty, I need to see more blue!

  10. Thanks so much for the feature!! Those are all such pretty inspiration pics...and I LOVE yours! Great job!


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