Thursday, October 6, 2011

Stud Pumps

I'm a little behind, I don't have a little behind, I mean I'm just late in decorating this year.  Last year I was decorated for Halloween by the second week of September. 
At this point I'm not sure if I'll be ready for Halloween by October 31st? 

I thought I would show you a fun easy project I did last year and still love.  I'm seeing more and more studded pumpkins these days.
I  made these (Stud Pumps) last year for my Thanksgiving table.

I didn't go with the traditional fall/harvest colors, I went with jewel tones. 
Not sure what I'm doing yet for this year or if I'm hosting again?

Last year's table consisted of table linens I made from remnant fabric picked up on the sale table at my local fabric store.  I used my wedding china and crystal, vintage silver flatware found at an auction, my grandmother's silver goblets, feathers, and my Stud Pumps for place card holders.

My little Stud Pumps are so easy to make. 
I'm a bad blogger and didn't take pictures of the process, but it's very basic. 

These were very inexpensive orange pumpkins from Big Lots that I spray painted white.  Next I took a can of black spray paint and lightly "speckled" them.

I painted the stems gold with some craft paint. 
Next I took some silver and gold tacks and stuck them in.

That's it!  Very easy!

Here they are used on my CL buffet for this year's Fall decor. 

I added some feather boas to the bottoms for some added texture and a little more touch of glam.


 I added my Stud Pumps and their cousins the Stud Gourds to a large faux clam shell combined with my embellished star fish and faux sea fans.

The beach never leaves it's presence in my house.
Here you can see my Fall mantle in the background and just the tail of my new owl painting.

Not your typical harvest colors, but I've been rocking the black and white pumpkins forever now.  I'm trying not to spend any money on Fall decor so I'm using what I already have.  I've never been a huge fan of orange, but lately I'm loving orange and craving more?  I guess I'll have to spray some of my white pumpkins back to orange? 

How's your Fall decorating going?  Are you a little behind too?

Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. I love the simplicity yet fabulousness of your pumpkins!

  2. oohhh I LOVE those! and so easy too! Im wondering if I could do that with the real ones too. Of course they wouldnt last long with the puncture holes in it. LOL

  3. While I was looking at your pictures, I was thinking "Where is she going to get studs?". I am amazed that those studs are just thumb tacks...genius! Your white and speckled pumpkins are just so glam (especially studded and nested in feathers), I don't think you should make them orange.

  4. I love the white pumpkins! I love that you keep your beach decor out year round. Very clever using thumb tacks. Hopefully I can get some decorating done this weekend.

  5. Shannon, the pumpkins are gorgeous! I have painted pumpkins before but have never thought of using the gold and silver tacks. Your pictures always are so pretty.

  6. Those are some of fanciest pumpkins I've seen yet! They're great! I also like the feathers.

  7. Oh,my goodness! Your stud pumps are so cute! I think I'm going to like it here (on your blog). Thanks for stopping by mine to introduce yourself!

  8. Hi Shannon,
    Gorgeous and it.

  9. Hi! So nice to meet another beachgirl. I agree, decorating with a touch of beach can be hard, because it doesn't always fit traditional ideas. You have done a great job with your home for fall. Hope you don't mind that I share your blog on our Facebook page!


  10. That is GORGEOUS! I hate decorating in Fall & Christmas colors in my Coastal home. This will fit in perfectly. LOVE!!!

  11. Your halloween decor looks fab. i love the pumkins xxx

  12. Those stud pumps are stinkin' adorable...I'm completely going to have to steal that idea, too! And I'm all about the little snippet of the Halloween mantel with *feathers*! It looks great!

  13. These pumpkins are so simple to make but look so elegant!


  14. I just stopped over from Home and Harmony and I'm so glad I did! Great blog :)


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