Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tack It

In-expensive eye candy for your decor.

I bought a box of upholstery tacks for a chair I was reupholstering and it opened a whole new design opportunity. What to do with the rest of the box?
I used some of the leftovers for a few house projects. You might have noticed them on my pumpkins from my Halloween post and here are some more on the shelves of my kitchen pantry.
I bought another box of 1000 silver tacks at UFO for $25.

1000 tacks goes a long way.

My most recent use of tacks were for these pumpkins. I painted them and added silver and brass tacks. These are for my Thanksgiving table, but could also be used for Halloween too.

Here is my powder room embellished with the tacks. This room is VERY difficult to photograph. It doesn't help that I'm not a great photographer.

This makeover started by painting the room black and replacing the small builder's mirror with a much taller one purchased at Ikea. The light fixture was purchased for $30 at a second hand store. I painted it silver and swagged it over the sink. I added the tacks around the mirror and to the ceiling and the recessed areas.

I continued them to the bump out on the ceiling. The plan is to eventually do crown molding in this room. Just haven't gotten to it yet. The tacks look like small pin points of light in person.

I added them to a pedestal in the bathroom

and to the accessories to tie the room together.

Candle detail

This is the rotunda that leads from my family room into the master bedroom. It is a small round room, again sorry it's hard to take pictures of it.

Ceiling detail

This is a small mirror on the opposite side of the rotunda that I added more tacks to.

I would love to see your tack ideas.

Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. Great use of tacks, S. I had not seen your powder redo so seeing that is great too. I just bought nail heads yesterday to re-recover my grandmothers mid-century chairs. You remember I did it is zebra initially. Bye bye zebra, hello white twill and nailheads. YOu know I'll post it. Oh, and welcome to FB. You will love connecting with all your elem school friends. Oh, they will be calling.


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