Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cozy Poncho

I made this because I'm tired of being cold and getting asked if I'm going skiing? I live in sunny San Diego and while many people are still running around in shorts and flip flops this time of year, I'm in my ski parka and Ugg boots. Ski parkas are great for skiing, but aren't the most stylish thing to wear. This is my solution. I made this cozy poncho. It's like having your softest, warmest, yummiest blanket on. I keep it in my car and throw it on whenever I get a chill. I get so many compliments on it I thought I would share it with you. Here I am getting ready to go to Casey's soccer game. It's great because I can keep my hands inside and be totally cocooned from the cold.

It's reversible and I made it with a double sided fabric. One side is a faux Sherpa and the other side is a super suede. Both sides are extremely soft. I used this pattern to help me figure out the collar. I used my surger to finish the edges.

I made this one for my mom. This is the reverse side. She was having a bad hair day and asked that I didn't put her head in the picture. I made her collar diferent from the pattern. I like the way it turned out better.

Here is my condor pose to give you a better view of the volume of fabric I used.

No skiing or North Pole jokes for me when I'm wearing this.

Thanks for checking it out.

1 comment:

  1. Looks cozy! And it has been so cold lately I bet you have been wearing it alot.


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