Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Gym

I, like many of you am a busy mom. It seems the most common response I get to "How are you" is "I'm busy." We have created crazy lives for our families and one thing that moms tend to do is put themselves last on the priority list. The workout seems to end up at the bottom of the "To Do List." Now with the Holiday's in full swing we need our workouts more than ever. That's why I take "My Gym" with me where ever I go.

This is My Gym.

These three things are all I need to get a great workout. They are always in my car. My medicine ball, my "wheel of pain," and my band.

This where I use my gym, my girl's soccer practice.  I know, we have phone calls to catch up on, it's cold, you need to clean out your purse, you had a hard day at work, you need to answer emails, blah, blah, blah. I have heard them all and used most of them myself.
Don't let your kid's get all the exercise. You gotta get out of your chair and your car and move too!

Okay, I know you might be like me and really enjoy watching practice. You can still do that while you're moving. When my kids were younger I would run around their field and do sit ups or push ups at each corner. Yes, my kids thought I was weird, but they got over it and I still got to watch the scrimmage. I use my gym while I watch them play or after I go for a run first. It's amazing what a great workout you can get with just these three items. What else are you going to do for an hour and a half while you're there? I figured working out at their practice gave me another hour and a half during the day to get other things done instead of working out then.

I know it helps that I take my kids to a beautiful place to practice. This is the view while I'm on my run. It hasn't always been this pretty. My kids ran track in "the hood" and I used to grab other moms to walk or run the outside lane of the track during the kid's practice. Trust me, you feel way better than if you had stayed in the car to organize your glove compartment!
I know it's hard at first, but I also know some of the moms I see year after year at practice have made the transition from spectator moms to workout hot mamas! Your kids will be proud of you, well not at first, they might think you're weird.

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