Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plan B

I woke up at 12:30 am to the sound of pouring rain and thought, oh crud I left the cushions out. I guess we aren't having Thanksgiving outside this year! I had spent the previous afternoon blowing, cleaning , and trimming the outside in anticipation of a outdoor dinner and had left the chair cushions out on an uncovered table. Not only is it wet out today, it's cold. Even with a warm fire and portable heaters I didn't think we would enjoy the meal.

I had to go to Plan B.

This is where I was planning to have Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't have a formal dining room in my house. The picture above is my "formal" dining room. Our everyday eating area is in the great room included in the family room and kitchen. I really didn't want to eat there this year, so I turned my living room into the dining room. Perfect for a dinner party since I removed the carpet and painted the concrete floors. This is something new we haven't done before.

This is Plan B, my living room.

I left the couch in the room, my mom's idea. It's really heavy and as my mom pointed out, it would sit three people comfortably. It's also the perfect dining height and will be quite cozy for lounging after the meal.

I lowered the candelier for table height, removed the starfish, and stuck the ottoman in the garage.

Here's the room decked out for Thanksgiving. I brought in two conference tables from the garage that I use for stacking stuff on and skirted them in black table clothes to hide the ugly metal legs. My Thanksgiving Tree can be seen in the background. I have more about my tree in my "Thanksgiving Tree" blog. Click on the link below to see more of my Thanksgiving Tree.

I used my Grandmother's silver goblets she left me.

The place setting consists of my wedding china (Lenox "Hannah"), cranberry colored chargers, punctuated with my studded pumpkins and silver leaf name cards. See my "Tack it" blog for details on how to make the pumpkins. Click on the link below to see more tack ideas.

These feather balls are usually on my Christmas Tree and most recently my Thanksgiving Tree, but I plucked them off the tree for my table. They tie in nicely with the jewel tone color scheme. I put a green feather boa and some silver twigs under the ball to frame it and keep it from tipping over.

My parents picked up the silver flatware at an antique auction years ago and gave it to us as a gift.

The name tags are spray painted silk leaves. I added tacks to the feather balls to tie the look together with the pumpkins.

More feather balls accented with small gold birds and silver twigs under a cloche. I picked up the cloche at Marshal's for $20. I think the feather balls are from there too?
I can't remember I've had them so long.

The only thing new on the table are the table linens. I didn't want traditional fall harvest colors. I went with jewel tones this year. I found the fabric on a clearance table at a fabric store and made the table cloth, napkins, and runner. My surger makes it fast and easy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have a whole other room to show you. I will post those pictures later.


  1. Beautiful table! I love the feathers and all of the jewel tones. Sitting on a couch is a perfect idea!

  2. Thanks Heather, hope your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Shannon-I love your DIY stuff and thought we have so many like ideas-especially when I saw we have the same wedding china-Lenox 'Hannah'-which I have yet to use : (
    We are moving and our plan is to use all our 'stuff' in our new home-if you have it -use it!
    Keep up the great job.


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