Friday, October 21, 2011

The flock is flying the coop, but some can't escape

Halloween is almost here and I only have about a third of my decorations up.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  My oldest daughter wants to trick or treat with her friends this year and my youngest leaves for sixth grade camp on Halloween. It won't be the same without her.  Trick or treating with my girls is winding down as they grow up.

Some of my flock can't escape my clutches.
I thought I would show you this years last few Halloween installments. 
I like crows. 
My philosophy on crow decor is when one would work ten are better. 
I have a flock and they love to greet the guest from the front entry. 

They keep a watchful eye over the new blue pumpkins.

Beware of the shadows.

I like to glam up my skulls too. 
Don't mind the snake he won't bite......much.

I use old costume jewelry in the eye sockets for some bling.  
You know I love bling. 
A little red candle wax dripped on the skull and we have what I call,
"Gory Glam."

Here's the kitchen island decked out in black and white Halloween decor.

I added some white pumpkins, greenery, white ostrich feathers, and what else, more crows to my kitchen candelier.

Don't mind the skeletons climbing in the lanterns
They only come to life when the lights are off.

I made these pumpkins years ago.  I just hot glued ribbon and faux pearls around the sides.  Then I hot glued more costume jewelry to the ribbon.  Some feather boa on top and bottom, very easy.

Grandma's costume jewelry re purposed.

More magnetic lobotomized skeleton decor.

The black and white feather streamers are dollar store hair feathers. 

Cherish those Trick or Treat times with your flock, it goes by so fast.

Are you ready for Halloween?

The DIY Show Off

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  1. The girls looked fantastic last year! I love all your Halloween decor, especially the crows! I finally managed to get our mantle decorated. Still need to take pics however. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Do you have two islands? I would love to have two as that seems to be where we spend the most time.

  2. Your Halloween decorations look fantastic! I especially like all of the crows!

  3. Your girls are beautiful...gorgeous eyes! Love your scarrry decor.Audrey

  4. Love the snake in the skull! I'm making a snake wreath today. I was on Pinterest yesterday, and every time I saw a picture I wanted to repin it turned out to be yours.



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