Saturday, October 15, 2011

I'm Performing Lobotomies

It won't hurt a bit. 
Just a few drill holes to the skull and were almost done.

I started with these 5 guys and 5 of their little friends.  
They came in a package complete with nooses around their scrawny necks. 
I bought 2 packages.  They were 50 percent off and cost me a total of $5.00.

 They were an unruly bunch, but I took my chances and removed their nooses. 
They happily practiced their synchronized swimming on my table at their new found freedom.
 I gave them a light spray of white paint to brighten them up.
They smiled through the entire painting.

What they didn't know was they were all getting.....


They gritted their teeth and took it like men.

I think I let out a wild cackle or two while drilling.

Next they all got some bling.

Look they're smiling again.
They all look at the world through rose colored glasses now.

Time for some new hardware. 
I used jewelry magnets from Michael's.

Some left over chandelier crystals. 
My men needed some bling to compliment their fabulous new sparkly pink eyes.

I've showed you my magnetic starfish and crystal drops in this post here.
This is how I bling out my chandeliers.

My lobotomized skeletons are taking over the chandeliers for the Halloween season.

Lobotomies complete, hardware installed.
Here are my men happily hanging on my chandelier.
Their eyes glow when they're happy.

Here are some more magnetic lobotomized skeletons I made a couple years ago.
I hung them on my metal hanging basket light.

Pearls for the girls.

They are proud skeletons and always stand at attention. 
Some of them are little fresh and wink at me when I walk by. 
I show them my drill and they remember to mind their manners.

Performed any lobotomies lately?

Happy Halloween

Thanks for checking it out.



  1. Love that! You are so creative! I love the mix of ghoulish with some glam!

  2. I love your sense of whimsy! Great projects.

    Your Roscoe looked so much like my Chauncey. I just love the Westie breed. I'm creating a blog post about them soon.

  3. I can't stop laughing! That is hilarious!! Skeletons with bling...that's first for me. Love it!!

  4. too funny! and I love the shot of the synchronized skeletons.

  5. LOLOLOL!!!!!! You are hilarious!!! My kids had to rush over to see what was making me laugh!!! :):):)

    I think this is a fantastic idea!! Sparkly skeletons dangling from the chandelier is inspired!!!!

  6. Shannon, that's too funny! They look very happy all blinged up! Love them!

  7. That is ingenious and so scary! Not seen anything like it. Wow! New follower.

  8. This is totally the best DIY *EVER*! Anytime you can incorporate the word "lobotomy" into a tutorial is a red letter day (c: It turned out so great! I have these little guys all around my house, but this is one idea that I never thought of! Brilliant!

  9. LOVE IT!!! My son is standing over my shoulder yelling "can we do that!?" lol. It looks great Shannon!

  10. New follower, found you at DIY, love all your clever Halloween ideas and Decor!


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