Monday, January 10, 2011

New Pillows

The ottomans are done.

The couch is done.
On to the pillows.

I fell in love with this jute welting. It's usually used on the underside of upholstered furniture to tie it together. I saw it used as pillow trim at We-Are-Fabrics in Solana Beach while on my fabric search. At $2 a yard it's in my budget too.

I found my pillow fabric at We-Are-Fabrics too. I explained in my last blog on the ottoman transformation about my hunt for fabric. I only needed a yard of each coordinating fabric to make the pillows. I bought pillows from Home Goods that I really liked, but they weren't right for the couch. They were made from French grain sacks, very nice, but I ended up returning them and making these instead.

My couch is gray, but my floor tile and granite counter top have a lot of beige and brown tones it it. I'm not changing the granite or the tile in this room. My fabric needs to link the new gray and the old beige together.

I liked this rustic animal print with the jute. I made two of these pillows.

I used pillow inserts from existing pillows that needed updating.

This fabric was $23 a yard, but since it was the end of the roll, the girl helping me gave me almost two yards for the price of one. I had enough trim and fabric left over to make a runner too.

This is a new lamp I picked up at Marshal's while on my pillow hunt. Not sure if I'm keeping it yet? The lamp shade is burlap, which I love and have used in my decor for years. The cross was my Great Aunt's. She was a nun and wore it with her traditional nun habit. I love the cross, still debating about the lamp?

I made two pillows with a yellow and lavender fabric that I also purchased at We-Are-Fabric. At $34 a yard it was a splurge. I justified it because I only needed a yard and it links the couch, ottoman, and zebra fabric together. I went to every fabric store in San Diego looking for fabric. Short of special ordering it, this was the best choice I found for the price. I used the leftover couch fabric velvet to make the welting and pillow inserts from old pillows.

Here they are all together.

Roscoe thinks the pillows are for her.

She had a hard day at the groomers and is ready for a nap.

I still need to slipcover the two brown chairs, but I need a break from sewing.

Can you see the paint swatches on the wall to the right behind the couch?

On to paint. The kids go back to school tomorrow so I will have more time.

UPDATE:  The lamp didn't stay, to see the new glass lamps I made go here.



  1. love the new look, Shann. Wish I could come over and test your pillows...and perhaps have an appi while sitting on the new slip-covered sofa.

    Good job.

  2. I've never seen jute used in this way before; fabulous idea. I like the boxy (sp?) look you have created on these. Fabulous!

  3. I LOVE that animal print fabric you chose! I'm a huge zebra print fan... The muted colors of that print are lovely!!! Thanks for your comment on my pillow by the way! Stopping by from the CSI project as well! :)

  4. visiting from the CSI Project! These pillows are beautiful!

  5. How did I miss this post???
    Everything looks fantastic! I love the ottomans, too.


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