Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun Things We did On Vacation

The kids went back to school today. We had a very nice winter break enjoying our home town of San Diego for the Holidays.

Santa brought me some new volleyballs so I played when our games didn't get rained out.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at our house this year.

We spent time with family. Here are the girls with their cousins Jake and Sam. They are all getting so big.

The girls got ipads for Christmas.

Thank you Grammy and Bucky!

We enjoyed the local food at one of our favorite breakfast places,

Hash House A Go Go.

If you go, be prepared to wait. It's a pretty popular place.

The portions are huge!

This is there house special Eggs Benedict with red pepper cream sauce.

Come hungry.

The wait is more fun when you come with friends.

Cami and Ellie are best buddies.

We spent New Year's Eve at the Mendler's house and we all did a

"Polar Bear Plunge" into their freezing pool at midnight to celebrate the New Year!

Go Maddie!

It was in the low 40's that night and the pool was not heated. The Spa was, so we had a warm place to go after our "ice bath."

Kristy and Don made a delicious meal as always.

To see the amazing dessert Kristy made click here

I took the girls ice skating.

Here's Casey zooming around the ice.

Maddie and Cami.

They always have fun together.

The girls took there last horseback riding lesson last week. They have been riding for about a year and a half. Unfortunately the fees will triple for 2011 and it's not in our budget anymore.
Here is Casey with her favorite horse Duck. Not his real name, but they nicknamed him "Duck" because he is so tall you have to duck when he goes under a tree.

Casey will miss his sweet, gentle nature.

Here is Cami's favorite horse Possum. He looks like someone splattered paint all over him. It's called a bird catcher pattern. When I first saw him I asked Cami who painted him? It was a sad day when we had to quit.

Casey's club team won two tournaments during December and they are preparing for State Cup. Our first game isn't in Lancaster for a change, yeah!


No soccer for for Cami right now. She is recovering from Osgood Schlatter's. It's a knee injury to the growth plate that is a result of rapid growth. She grew three inches in three months and is still growing. Right know we have her swimming and hopefully she will be back on the soccer field soon.

Soccer games are a family affair.

We make them family outings and we love going to the kid's games.

Looking back at our break I see a re-occurring theme, eating and playing!

I like it!

I hope you and your family had a great winter break too!


  1. Boy was that a fun vacation. I think I might have enjoyed it as much as you did just by the photos. The girls are really growing up. Great activities, great fun and good times. We think of you often. Sad to say bye bye to the horsies but I know you will have more fun activities planned for those girls of yours.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks friends, Wendy we wish you and the family joined us on our fun adventures.

  3. Wow, you play a lot of volleyball. Can't believe how much the kids have grown ... they are gorgeous!



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