Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Messenger Bag

My friend Kristy told me about a fabric store she read about on another blog.  It's called Maisonnette in Oceanside,  California.  I live about an hour from Oceanside at the opposite end of San Diego County, so it's not a shop I can just pop into.  I made a stop awhile back with Casey on our way home from Anaheim.  I have spent the last six months up there just about every other weekend for my volleyball team's tournaments or Casey's team tournaments.  

The shop is an old beach cottage that the owners, a mom and her two daughters have turned into a fabric, photography, and art studio.

Here they are modeling their hand made Mission Maxi dresses. 
To read their blog and find out about the pattern used for these dresses click here.

So Pretty!

The shop is adorable.

Casey and I thought it would be fun for her best friend's birthday (Maddie) to get fabric and a pattern they could make together.  There was a girl in the shop making a messenger bag and it looked like the  perfect project for the girls. 

Casey picked out some cool Japanese fabric for Maddie and her to use.

Here's Maddie
She is such a great friend to Casey!

Casey has had virtually no sewing experience. I thought this project would be easier than it was for a beginner.  I have been sewing for so long I forget how frustrating sewing can be when you're first learning. 

It took many hours to get to this point.  The girls got tired.  The moms got tired too.  So We took a break and I finished Casey's for her while she was at school. 
She gave it a great effort, but it was little too ambitious for a "newbie" sewing project. 


Here is the picture of the finished product.  Casey used it as a book bag for school.  Since the girls didn't finish their bags together, I didn't get a picture of Maddie with her bag.  Casey doesn't like when I take pictures of her so she's making her "fake smile face."  It's perfect for school. Casey loves it.

  Definitely make a trip to Maisonette if you are in North San Diego County. 
It's worth the trip.  I can't wait to go again!

Thanks for checking it out.

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  1. Thanks Stephanie for the wonderful post about us! Love your blog! Maddie your bag is too cute for words!! Keep on sewing it gets easier! See you soon! The Girls at Maisonnette


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