Monday, June 27, 2011

The 3 Lives of 2 Lamps

We all know how spray paint can be the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective solution to updating our decor.  If you have a callous on your index finger from spray painting like I do, you know what I'm talking about.  Here is yet another example of how spray paint can do just that. 

I bought these two lamps at Marshals or TJ max (I can't remember?) when we moved into this house ten years ago.  They were brown like the one on the left.  I bought them when I was doing the "Tuscan Tango," as Amanda Carol refers to it over at Amanda Carol at Home.  She is really funny and her house and blog are amazing, so if you haven't checked it out you should go visit.

Life #1
Tuscan Tango
Don't look at the unfinished fireplace in the back ground, but if you do, you need to see how it looks finished so you don't think I left it like that.

Life #2
When in doubt spray it white.

I broke out the spray paint and sprayed them white.  Here's one with the original lampshade that came with it when I bought them.  You can see the style of the shade is a little dated, but you can't tell by the picture that the shade was also a little dingy.

Here they are together.  New white paint with the original shades and old fleur de lis finials. 

The fireplace is coming along, it just needs the tile surround, but I still have trouble taking straight pictures! 

I bought the new shades at Lowe's.  I think they were around $14 each?. 

Much better! 
So I thought?

Only one problem,  I kept finding the lamps shoved over to the far right of the buffet so the kids could watch TV while eating a snack at the kitchen table.  I finally got tired of fighting it and moved these lamps into my master bedroom. 

I replaced them with these taller see through glass lamps.
TV watching problem solved.
To see how I made these glass lamps go here.

I didn't need more lamps in my master bedroom. 
A good purger would have donated them or sold them on Craig's List. 
I'm not a good purger. I'm more of a pack rat/hoarder/repurposer.   
I saved them in a corner of our bedroom until I figured out what to do with them next?

Then Cami's room makeover started and she needed lamps.  Hoarding has it's advantages. 
What it takes up in space it saves in $$$.

Life #3
Tangerine Twist
I found a bamboo chair on Craig's List and covered the seat cushion and ottoman in a remnant of orange fabric.  I needed more orange accents in the room and I found the same exact orange in a spray paint can.

I spray painted the base of the lamps in glossy orange.  I kept the Lowe's shades and added an orange ribbon around the bottom of the shade.  I added a new circle shaped finial (Lowe's) to repeat the circle motif in the new chandelier that hangs from the center of the room.

Here's Cami's new chandelier.
To see how I made this out of metal hanging planters go here.

The lamps sit on either side of her bed on these Ikea bedside tables.  I already had them.  They were painted blue and on clearance.  I spray painted them white.  

Here is the after of the lamp and Ikea table.  I'm looking for cute knobs. 
The orange plastic bin is from Walmart. 

Before you get ready to throw something out do you ask yourself
can I spray paint it? 

I think it's wearing off on my kids,  Cami asked if I would spray paint her swim fins because she didn't like the color.

Why not?

Thanks for checking it out.



  1. shan,
    by far my fave look for lamps. love the tangerine twist. great pop of color. and i like the new blog backdrop too.

    love all your creative ideas. come over to my blog and give me your take. i'll be posting on bar stools today.

  2. I've been itching to spray paint a pair of lamps in our master bedroom but I promised my husband I won't do any more projects until after we move in a month. Now after reading this post (and the awesome ones you linked to!) I'm considering breaking my promise! :) I LOVE your clear glass lamps, they are so pretty!! btw your fireplace looks amazing too!! I love the new mantle and tile!

  3. I have like 50 million lamps in my garage that I want to spray paint! Love the orange. Maybe I'll paint some this weekend!

  4. bahahahaha!! your so funny! and LOVE the new glass ones! WOW!! It all just looks beautiful! and LOVE that nailhead trim chair in front of the little desk.
    Have a great day!!

  5. LOVE the orange! Such a cheerful trendy color!

  6. Oh my goodness! The white was a great change, but the orange? WOW! It's just plain awesome! I love the little ribbon that you added to it. What a great lamp makeover. ahhh the power of spray paint.

  7. WOW! Orange!!??? Never would have thought and so glad you thought of it for me! Great look!

  8. I'm really loving the evolution of Cami's room, but seeing the orange and blue immediately reminded me of Sandi Skoglund's work! Ha! This photo in particular:

  9. I popped over from CSI - I think the orange version is the best in my opinion. The color really makes the lamps seem less traditional.


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