Monday, May 30, 2011

More Concrete Floors

Cami's is finally back in her room and I wanted to show you her concrete floors. I showed the step by step process of how to rip out the carpet and paint concrete floors in this earlier post and in this post about my family room floors.

I was inspired by this Natalie's Beach House in the City blog post about stripes.  If you haven't checked out her blog yet you are in for a treat.  Her house is gorgeous and she and her husband are not afraid to tackle big DIY projects.

Cami's carpet looked like this.  It was ten years old.
It was stained and spotted.

It had runs and pulls that just got bigger.

The floor prep work (the hard part) consisted of ripping out the old carpet, grinding the floor with a concrete grinder to remove the carpet glue, dry wall texture, paint, and Sharpie marker that the builder had hid under the carpet. Next came the tedious task of cleaning up the concrete dust.  I taped off all the doors to the room and it still managed to escape into the rest of the house. 
The painting part is easy.  I used the same Benjamin Moore Porch and Floor Paint as my family room and living room floors.  I had the paint store mix the color to match the trim in the room.  It's a Frazee color, White Shadow.  I tried to use the same color as the family room, but it looked yellow next to the intensity of the blue?  Three coats of White Shadow later and It was ready for some stripes.

The stripes go in the same direction as the grout line of the tile floor outside Cami's room.
I painted the stripes on the diagonal to make the small room look bigger. 
 I used my favorite painter's tape, Frog Tape.

The stripes are 18" wide and 36" apart.  They continue all the way into the closet.
I mixed the White Shadow base with some paint tints.  It's kind of a beige gray.  It will go with any color when Cami gets tired of the blue walls and wants a change.

Two coats for the stripes and almost done.

Clean up the tape and time for the sealer.

Three coats of polyurethane and then it needed time to cure.
 It's dry to the touch in a couple of hours but not move in ready.

In the mean time I installed some Billy Bookcases from Ikea.  I walked around in my socks and had my husband help me lift the bookcases into place after I finished building them so the floor wouldn't get scratched. I secured the bookcases to the wall with brackets for safety and hung Cami's bulletin board on the wall between the bookcases.
I painted an old black table white and it will fit perfectly in the center of this unit to create a work space for homework and art projects.

Can you see the bottom of the new light fixture in this picture below?  I'll show you the light in a later post.

Next I added some horse wall art to the opposite wall. 
To see that project go here.

Thanks for checking it out!

I'm linking this the Remodelaholic.


  1. Good job Shannon! Thanks for the shout out as well!

  2. Super cute! We are thinking about painting our porch concrete floors in a similar fashion. Love the idea!

  3. Wow~! That floor is awesome, nice attention to detail running the stripe through the closet too.


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