Monday, May 23, 2011

What's For Lunch?

Things are a little crazy in my house these days. 

Volleyball Middle School Championships.
We won!  Go Rancho!

Cami's bedroom is scattered all over the house.
(Things HGTV never shows during the makeover)

Roscoe walked through the concrete floor paint.

I see you Roscoe.

A landscape plan for a client near completion.

Chalk festival at Cami's school, soccer starting up again, dentist appointment......
You know, you live it too, 
daily family chaos.

A perfect excuse to do drive through and eat whatever I can cram down my pie hole.   
(With paint brush in hand of course)

But wait, stop!  It only takes about five minutes to whip up a healthy lunch. 
Really, this one is that quick.

Cut some cucumbers and some tomatoes.

 Warm up a corn tortilla or two. 
(I was out of my Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas.)

 Mash some avocado on them.

 Add the cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of garlic powder.

 Eat, yum, clean up dog paint prints before they dry.
Five minutes, I swear.
To see some really yummy lunch check out my friend Heather's groumet lunch here.

What did you have for lunch today?

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Looks like you're busy! Cute living room, love the lamps! and Roscoe and the yummy lunch!

  2. Oh those look so yummy! I love cucumbers and tomatoes :)

  3. What a great lunch, I know what I am having tomorrow for lunch!!

  4. I need quick lunches on my own it's a Power Bar! Thanks, and I love your little dog, I see him :)

  5. love it. I'm in. I'll take three, thank you very much.


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