Friday, May 13, 2011

Craig's List Dresser

Here is the finished dresser I bought on Craig's List using Craigs Pro. It's going in my daughter Cami's room.

It started out like this.
It took me about a day to complete the project.

It was missing a piece of molding.  Instead of trying to find matching molding, I just took the small piece off the other side, filled with wood filler and sanded smooth.

I didn't need to sand  the rest of the piece. 
I just gave it a good cleaning with TSP.  It cleans and de-glosses the existing finish.


I choose to spray paint the dresser.

I added green to the molding on the drawers.

I taped off the drawers with my favorite painter's tape Frog Tape.

Almost done.
I ended up using different pulls and knobs then the originals. 
I had leftovers from my kitchen cabinet painting project.

Here it is in Cami's room placed where her old armoire used to be.  That's why the mirror is so high.  It's leftover from the armoire.  Her room is getting ready for a major makeover as part of her turning 11 Birthday present. 
You don't have to ask me twice to re-do a room!
 Cami wants something a little more sophisticated (she describes her current room as babyish), in turquoise blue, with an almost teenager horse theme?

I'm on it.

The dresser is just the beginning.

I think Cami is going to love going this direction? 
Bright, bold color, no plaid, nothing babyish about this look for a horse loving girl. 

Ralph does it right.

What do you think?
I'll show you how the rest of her room progresses in later posts.

Thanks for checking it out.

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