Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thanks For The Love!

My little blog has been getting a little TLC.

Mandi over at Vintage Revivals
borrowed my hanging planter chandelier idea to come up with this spectacular chandelier of her own.  I'm impressed!  Go check out this Epic Room Revival
She is AMAZING and I'm honored to be mentioned in her post.

ERM 4 135

Here are my metal hanging basket chandeliers in case you missed them.

The first try was made with left over stuff I already had. 
To see the step by step instructions go here.

Then I made this one for Cami's room.
To see how I did it go here.

Over at the CSI Project Outdoor Spaces Challenge 
my Outdoor Dining Room made
the Top Ten! 

Thank you Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous for picking my outdoor space as one of her favorites.

Thanks for the love!


  1. great great news, shan. only a matter of time, i've said it before, i'll say it again, before you and nate berkus are hanging out, doing side by side shows.

    so happy for you. well done, lady. you deserve all the love and more.

  2. Yay!!! I love your light fixtures!! Go girl!

  3. Am a little jealous of that backyard, I won't lie! Haha, you totally rock the outdoorsy-glam style! ;)

  4. Wow! Your chandelier is so pretty and clever! I love a good repurposing. :) Big congrats on your features--so exciting!

    Thank you, also, for your nice comment about our bathroom mirror and for following my blog! :)

  5. What a beautiful backyard!! I LOVE Vintage Revivals, that makeover was crazy awesome!! Thanks for your sweet comments about my lemonade stand, and stopping by our little ol' blog last week!! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer!

  6. You so deserve it! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites. And that outdoor space is beautiful!

  7. This is absolutely EPIC!!! You deserve your own show. I just was pricing a piece that was no where near as interesting and it was in the 2k range. Your daughter is very lucky. As I noted before you should open a little store on ETSY for us less talented individuals who would love to own some of your creativity. Thank you for sharing. Great web site.



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