Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cami's Room Evolution

If you have been following along with Cami's room makeover, Cami has been back in her new room for a while and it's livable but not totally finished.  I'm still working on some art projects, a window treatment, and some crown molding. 
Cami is eleven and going into sixth grade.  She is very confident and knows what she likes and dislikes.  She requested turquoise blue walls, horses, good lighting for reading, a comfy chair, storage for all her books and stuff, and a desk for homework and drawing.  I tried to give her everything she asked for on a shoe string budget.

I thought I'd show you how the room looked when we first moved in. 
Here is the WAY before.
Casey and Cami used to share this room and I painted it like this when they were little. 
They had bunk beds.  You can see them in the back left hand corner of the picture. 
The girls are 4 and one 1 1/2 in this picture. 

I used a cheap paint sprayer to whip this paint job out in about an hour.  The tapping off of everything I didn't want paint on took several hours, but the actual paint job was really quick (the paint sprayer was so cheap it died shortly after completing this project).   
The detail of the vines, tree trunks, shading, and grass were done with a regular spray paint can in two different greens.  I added the tree branch detail with a small paint brush.

Using the spray paint can went much faster then painting by hand.
 I wanted the room to have a kid like "cartoon" feel.  The clouds are done with white spray paint right out of the can. 
The sky on the walls fades from a blue to lavender.  This was achieved by changing the paint color to lavender and not cleaning the sprayer.  The sky color gradually changes as you move further up the wall.   The clouds are the absence of lavender paint.  The base of the cloud is the builder white ceiling.  The cloud detail was added with white spray paint out of a can.  Sorry the pictures are bad.

I used the same lavender blue to spray the bathroom as well.  I used wavy lines to mimic the feeling of being under the sea. 
The difference is I hand painted the sea life.  To see more of the bathroom go here.

The other bedroom was bigger (we only have three) so I moved the girls into the bigger room and took this one over as the office and painted it a beigy tan.
When the girls got their own room Cami moved back into this one "as is." 
I took the bunk beds apart and now they each have one.

Cami thought her current room was too "babyish."  Unfortunately the second child always grows up faster then the first.  This was the armoire I had from the time Casey was born.  Perfect for baby clothes, not preteen clothes.  I sold it on Craig's List.  I was sad to part with it.

You can see her new dresser in this picture.  I found it on Craig's List and updated it for her.  The mirror is still where it was when the armoire was in the room.  The bed was situated on the longest wall in the room. We kept the bed for now, but replaced the bedding and the drapes.  I changed out the  mirror.  We kept the shelves.  The bedside lamp went bye bye.

The room has two doors, this is the door to the bathroom and one small window that looks out to the drive way.  The view isn't nice so we keep the blinds shut.  The room tends to be dark.

It has one whole wall of closets.  I should be happy with all the closet space, but it really limits our bed placement options.

Here is the opposite wall from the current bed placement.  Cami had one small narrow bookshelf that was completely packed.  She needed more storage and needed to do some editing.  Her desk was unusable because it was covered in stuff.  The drape in front of the desk was hiding more stuff underneath.
 The bookshelf will be used in another room.  The desk will be repainted.  The bulletin boards, shelves, and Ikea desk chair will all be reused in this room.

Here is the door to the hallway.  Cami picked out the paint colors she liked and she lived with the swatches for a few days before she made her final decision.

Things that went bye bye. 
The broken ugly ceiling fan.

The dated carpet with runs and stains.

Math isn't one of my strong suits, but this is how my design equation equals out.
 Desire for Change + Teeny Tiny Budget = Creative Solutions

Here's a re-cap of what has been completed on my teeny tiny budget.

I found a dresser on Craig's List and painted it.

I painted the walls
Benjamin Moore Poolside Blue

I found a bamboo chair  on Craig's List and painted and recovered it in fabric I already had.

I pulled out the carpet and painted the concrete floors

I made a chandelier with an old lamp from H4H and two hanging planter baskets from Lowe's.

I bought and installed Billy Bookshelves from Ikea. 
The biggest expense in the room.  They are placed on the wall where the bed used to be.

I painted the black desk blue and white and placed it in between the bookcases.


I have never been a fan of fake wood furniture that comes in a box, but these work and fit the room's needs perfectly.  You can't beat the price. 

OK, so maybe I'm a fan now and I will get off my high wooden horse.

I found a new mirror at Home Goods.
On Clearance
 It had a few nicks that I touched up with white paint. 
No more boo boos.

I gave some new life with spray paint to some old lamps I already had. 

I re purposed some old toys to make wall art.

I used found driftwood and added some plastic horses to make a jewelry organizer.

I'll show you the final reveal in a later post.

Thanks for checking it out and following along with the makeover.


  1. I love this space. You have such a great eye for details and I admire your art.

  2. beautiful! can't wait to see the final result! I love the repurposed horses!

  3. A super amazing job!!! Love what you did.

  4. I love the painted concrete floors!

  5. I love the painted concrete floors!


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