Friday, July 29, 2011

When Is The Right Time???

When is it the right time after losing your best friend to add another member to your family?  This is what our family is facing right now.  Sorry for those of you that might not know what I'm talking about.  We had to say goodbye to our dog Roscoe a little over a month ago.

I feel like I have a hole in my heart that only a four legged furry friend can fill.  Have you experienced this before?  I really didn't envision getting a dog so soon after Roscoe's death, but I think she would understand?  Our family feels incomplete without a dog member.  I think it's a testament of how much she was loved.

I've been to shelters to look into adopting and we went to look at a Westie puppy last week in a home.  We ended up walking away without the puppy.  Something just wasn't quite right and I couldn't put my finger on it?
My kids were VERY disappointed to say the least, but I think I'll know when the right dog comes along.  I need to go with my gut.

Monday I'm driving about five hours away to see this girl.  She is a one and a half year old Sealyham Terrier.  Never heard of a Sealyham?  Me neither, till I met one at the park where my girls play soccer.  I've been researching the breed (and many more terriers) and I think a Sealy would make the perfect addition to our family.  They are referred to as the "couch potato of terriers," very loving, smart, little to no health problems, not barky, and non-shedding.  Every Sealy owner I've talked to has told my once you own a Sealy you will never have another kind of dog.  The woman I met in the park has had three of them.     

Roscoe can never be replaced in our hearts, but I think there is enough room in there to add some more love.

Wish me luck!
I would love to hear your stories (and see your picture) about how you found or lost your beloved pet.  Words of wisdom from you pet lovers out there are greatly appreciated.

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  1. when your heart says you are are ready. follow it.

    good luck, shan. thinking of you.


  2. So sorry to hear about Roscoe's passing. It is never easy to lose a pet. I've always had animals, my mother is a HUGE animal lover, so I've always had them around me. And, since being married 23 years ago hubby and I and the girls have always had pets around (mostly dogs and hamsters). We currently have 3 dogs. Our Golden Retriever Tyler (11-and starting to show his age), our Bordie Collie Golden Mix (a 4 year old rescue-sweet but still scittish), and Kylee (our 2 year old Cairn Terrier-my love-was given to oldest daughter by ex-boyfriend while she was still living on campus, couldn't have her, I said I'd take her, and well...I kept her! It's okay, she has another of her own). I was always a lover of big dogs, until I met Kylee...she is the BEST! Super, super smart, not whiny, doesn't bark unless it's serious-like someone she doesn't know is at the door), and doesn't shed much. She looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz!

  3. I've never lost a pet, but I do have a cat that is whittling away to nothing. She is 15 and has lost weight, lost her hearing and is not having many bowel movements. I am NOT a cat person, I'm a dog person, but she (Betty) is such a sweet girl and always has been, that I'm going to miss her madly when her time comes. I'm so glad you can't see me right now, 'cause I'm blubbering like an idiot :)

    Roscoe was loved and cherished and your next little buddy will be too. You just know when it's the right one.

  4. The tug at your hearts tells me it's TIME!!! I am surprised you held out a month, I wouldn't have been able to wait that long!! A house without dogs is very lonely, when you are used to that waggly tail excitement at the door when you come home!! Good luck!

  5. Oh I'm sorry for your loss. We lost one of our dogs in February due to cancer, it was 2 weeks before his 2nd birthday. It is never easy to let go, and to feel ok about getting a new dog. However, just remember that your Roscoe would be overjoyed to know a new pup gets to receive all the love your family has to offer! Hope the pup is the right fit, and if its not, don't worry, when its the right time, the right dog will be waiting for you. Good luck!

  6. Oh, I'm sorry for your lose. I cried like a baby when my childhood dog got cancer- but she survived!
    I wish you lots of luck and I'm sure Roscoe understands!

  7. Shannon, I understand how you feel. My dog died when I was 21 and we had her for 14yrs. She was amazing. I came home from college and she did one final run around the house (that's how she showed her excitement) and she died in my arms. My parents never got a dog after that. I think if they did it would have helped the healing process especially in me and my mother. I wish you the best. Pay attention to that tug in your heart. I am very sorry for your loss.

  8. Just found your blog via Curbly. I am so sorry for your loss, and I am grieving along with you — we lost our beloved Elphie cat 10 days before you lost Roscoe. I still think of her every day. We too have been thinking about getting another cat, especially because our other cat, Annabelle, seems to be lonely and bored with Elphie gone. I've found the Lightning Strike forums to be an amazing source of support (, and it has been immensely helpful to read others' stories as they prepare themselves for a new furry love. You will know when the time is right; trust your heart.

  9. I've never heard of these terriers. She looks so cute!! Cant wait to hear if you got her.

  10. I'm new to your blog. It's nice to "e-meet" you. Sealys are adorable. I'm so sorry for your loss. We had a similar experience in December with our doxie and my heart is still breaking and it's just too quiet so I understand. Go with your heart. {hugs}

  11. We had to say goodbye to our Rosie a little over a year ago. You can see her in this post if you scroll down, and she is also having a "Tea Party" at the top of my blog. ( We opted to bring home another pug a short 2 months later -because she had already come for a visit, and was willing to give us a try! (My mom was willing to part with Staxie, as she was part of her kennel.) She was already 3 years old, and fits right in. HOWEVER.... some of the family felt pretty guilty getting her so soon. I reasoned that our other dog really needed a companion, and we gave Rosie such a beautiful send off, that she could never think that she was being replaced! Email me if you want to see the shrine my son made for her! The boys played Taps, and we kept the shrine up for about a week. P.S. I am glad you walked away from the puppy that didn't seem right. Good move. :)

  12. Visiting via TipJunkie. Had to write. If you feel the tug, go for it. We have always had pets, but its the dogs I feel a big need to replace. I thought I could never love another dog like our Shelte, till I got...another Sheltie! He was just as loved. Then when he passed away, I couldn't bear to go into the back yard, just too lonely there. Soon, my daughter said: my friend's dog had puppies, can we get one? She brought them all over and, well we got 2! They are the best dogs we could have asked for, Pomeranian/Chihuahua and some other breed mixture.
    Your previous pet would want you to be happy, fill up that hole in your family's heart!

  13. Oh so sorry about your loss! I am on my first dog and I already DREAD the day when he will pass. I do think that if it feels right then you should go with your gut to get another! I rescued my daschund and loved the saying "Who rescued who?" so maybe this little Sealy will bring healing to your family and a new chapter. :)


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