Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Favorite Flip Flops

Flip flops are part of the Southern California uniform.  We wear them year round here. 
I play volleyball at the beach in January and still wear my flip flops to and from the beach.   
OK, when it gets cold I do switch to my Uggs.
This is the court I play doubles at a 2-3 times a week.

My favorite flip flops are Havaianas. 
They are a little pricier than most flip flops, but worth it my opinion.  They originated in 1962 form Brazil using a secret rubber formula. I love them because they come in a SLIM sizes as well as regular widths.   I have a size 10 shoe, but my feet are narrow.
Most flip flops and strappy shoes are too wide for me. 
Costco carried Havaianas this year for $18.99 with a crystal on them, but I can't find them on their website?   I'm kicking myself that I only bought one pair. 

You can pick up flip flops for a couple bucks these days, but I LIVE in mine so I justify the higher price.  Havaianas' rubber is very soft and comfy. 
They last a long time and I never get blisters from them.

  This pair is $148 because it has Swarovski Crystals on them.   These are out of my budget and even if they were in my budget, not sure I would spend that much on flip flops especially because I'm going to get them sandy.  

You don't have to pay that much for them.
Nordstroms $38

Nordstroms $24
I found some last year at Loehmann's for $12 and I bought 3 pairs. 
The problem is my daughters keep stealing them. 
We all have the same size feet.

What's your favorite summer foot wear?

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. I have had several pairs of Haviannas and love them. Much more cushy than the others. However, I did discover Feelgoodz flip flops this year at our local Whole Foods, and I LOVE them. Super comfy and for $19.99 a steal.

  2. shan,
    have two pair of them. love them. i could get the whole darned color collection. love that you posted about havainas...completely endorse!

  3. Me too! Me too! Me too! And, I live in Oregon so I really suffer during the rainy months when I can't wear my Havaianas. I even have a basket in my closet area devoted to them. I got coral and rose this year ... yes.

  4. I am a MAJOR flop girl! I wear them literally all year long even in the rare case of snow!:) My fave are Yellow Box.

  5. I'm a Rainbow's girl, myself.


  6. I've got to try the Haviannas! I have been all over the place when it comes to footwear this summer. I've been wearing sandals, flats, and lots of wedges when I feel like dressing up.

  7. I have never had a pair of Haviannas.. I didn't know that they were worth it. I think for next summer I will have to get some. : )

  8. I'm in Florida and share your love of flops! My daily uniform of breezy cotton dresses is almost always accessorized with flip flops! I honestly cannot remember the last time I wore close-toed shoes ~ ha!


  9. I've never heard of them! I'm a rainbow girl and wear them all year long. The rainbow factory is only 25 mins away from me so it's nice to get them cheaper than in a retail store.


  10. I really need to get a good, comfy pair of sandals!! I might have to go look for these Havaianas!! :)

  11. Love me some flip flops! I have never heard of Havaianas before though. I really love the Nike flip flops. They are ridiculously comfortable, but have an almost sporty, super casual look. I will have to see if I can find some Havaianas. Thanks.

  12. these are my faves too.. I buy a new pair (or 2) every summer and cant wait to wear them once May comes around. My husband (from Uruguay) made sure I knew how to pronounce them since I was butchering it. lol
    Now my girls are addicted too..


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