Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Bringing In Green For The New Year

Happy 2013 everyone.

We've been busy skiing in Mammoth and getting back into the school groove.
I took this picture with my iPhone through the car window on the way home.

Here's my family at the top of the mountain.

While I don't mind cold and stark when I ski, my house seemed empty after I put away Christmas.

It needed living things to bring life back into it.

I shopped the house and the garden and added terrariums to my industrial shelves.

 I hung two sconces I've had for years on either side of the gold mirror for some symmetry.

Green re-energizes me.

 Free make overs are perfect for my January budget.

I hope the the first month of January has been fantastic for you! 

Thanks for checking it out.

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