Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time Saver In The Kitchen- Beware Vampires!

I like to cook and I'm always on the look out for time savers. We eat home cooked meals six days out of the week. It's healthier and cheaper. Our kids participate in soccer and volleyball and I'm coaching volleyball, so meal time is usually after an evening practice. When I'm coaching or shuttling the kids around, I try to make dinner ahead of time or prep. dinner and my husband will complete it when he gets home from work. This is one way I've found to speed up the home cooking process.

I'm getting a little side tracked, but this is good to know. If you buy whole garlic cloves look for the ones with the dried brown stuff on top. This one is locally grown from somewhere in California, probably Gilroy. The ones with this part cut off may look prettier, but they are from China. I personally would rather buy food locally grown. I think I'm going to grow garlic this year in my veggie garden?

One clove of garlic is .50 cents a piece at our local grocery store. I still buy these for recipes that call for fresh garlic, but I also buy the big bag of garlic cloves from Costco. It's about $5 and it's already peeled. This bag is from Gilroy, California the "Garlic Capital Of The World." The big bag is very economical. The problem is it usually goes bad before I finish even half of it and we use a lot of garlic.

Now when I buy it I put it into the food processor that day.

Chop, chop, I freeze it in batches. It's ready to go and no stinky fingers.

Here is another time saver I learned from my friend Kristy. Click on her name to see her blog. She is a fabulous cook and has great recipes on it. She turned me on to these frozen herbs from Trader Joe's. They have basil, garlic, and cilantro. You can find them in the frozen veggie section. They are great when you don't have fresh on hand and they taste better than dried.

Just pop out a cube. Time to make a Trader Joe's run, I'm almost out.

Happy Cooking! How Do You Save Time In The Kitchen?

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