Monday, February 28, 2011

Score!!! Lanterns For A Price I Couldn't Pass Up.

I have been on the look out for lanterns to hang over my kitchen island for about six months now. I was looking for at least two and they needed to be cheap. I've been making weekly trips to Habitat For Humanity for months. It's on the way home from where I play beach volleyball. I've scored on lighting there many times before and you can't beat their prices. OK sometimes I get stuff for free, but other than free, this is pretty good.

This is a lantern I found last year. I think it was $32? I painted it silver, it was brass, and hung it in my powder room. I removed the wall fixture over the sink, covered the hole with a larger mirror and hung this light from the ceiling.

I found this concrete outdoor shelf at Hab. for Hum. about the same time.

I bought these two chandeliers a couple of years ago for $25 a piece. They were also brass and I painted them silver. I drilled holes for the crystal drops and added a plug and a dimmer switch. They hang from the ceiling over the bedside tables in our master bedroom.

Today I got lucky.
I found three lanterns.

All brass and glass.

I found two of these.


They just need some paint and a little electrical work.

I found one of this style. They were all $15 a piece. See the can light in the upper left hand corner of this picture? I will need to change it to accommodate the lantern. I had to change out the can light to hang a chandelier in the rotunda that leads into my Master Bedroom. You can buy the kit at Lowes for $33. I need two of them. That's why I didn't want to spend much for the lanterns. I needed to factor in the cost of the can light change out.

This chandelier was in my office. I moved it here when Casey got the room.

Not sure if I will use just two or all three lanterns yet? I'll show you when they're finished.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. I have been thinking about popping in there lately...can't wait to see how your latest project turns out!

  2. Shan,
    wish I had your electrical skills: swapping out light boxes and all that electrical stuff you are good at. Love the new lanterns. Can't wait for the after pictur... over your island?
    You are always up to something. How is the fireplace turning out?

  3. Thanks Girlies, You could do the electrical. It's not that hard. White to white wire and black to black wire. The fireplace is almost done. It's turning out great!


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