Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Decor

I pulled out the Spring decorations right after St. Patrick's Day.
I fill my cloches with moss, bird's nest, blue eggs, mini orchids, butterflies, and small green plants to welcome spring. 

Many of my decorations for spring are recycled from my Thanksgiving Tree.

I have white Hyacinth bulbs in mini iron urns. 

I bought 6 of these these mini iron urns at Michael's years ago. 
I painted them white and I use them all the time for different seasons and table scapes.  Here they are at Halloween.

I use my cloches for all different seasons too.

A little green brings the outdoors in.

Here are my Shish Kabob Bunnies leaping over tall grass.
 I got the bunnies last year at Pier One. 

They still have them this year and they are under $3 a piece.

Don't worry Rosie, we won't Shish Kabob you.

Can you tell what's real and what's not? 

Not sure how you feel about silk verses real, I use both and mix them together.

Faux cabbage

I wish I had real chicks. 
I would love to raise some chickens, but our homeowner association wouldn't go for it.

No, I didn't trap a butterfly or raid any bird's nests, both fake.

Another Pier One purchase from last year.
 It was an ugly red, but it was on clearance, so I bought it and painted it white. 

How do you bring the Spring in?

Thanks for checking it out.

Happy Spring!


  1. Nice! My favorite way to bring spring in is with vases filled with forsythia, cherry tree or quince blooming branches.

  2. Really pretty, Shannon. Makes me wonder what I'm doing with all my time. Inspiring.

  3. Thanks for visiting Shannon! Am doing the same! Love your blog and am DYING over those little green bunnies. Need to get myself some.... :)


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