Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Pants

I always hear designers talk about how your house should reflect "who you are." Well I'm not really doing that judging by my wardrobe choices? My house is mostly neutrals, soft grays, greens, beige, black, pale blues, and browns. It's a very calm and soothing pallet. I like it that way. It makes me slow down and breathe if that's possible for a house to do? My wardrobe is anything but neutral. OK, I still LOVE to wear a lot of black, white, and gray,
but I also wear bold, graphic prints, and vivid color.

My house looks like this.

A small sample of my wardrobe looks like this.

My home decor and my wardrobe are at opposite ends of the design spectrum? I got to thinking about how this happened? Does my home reflect who I really am or does my wardrobe tell the real story? Did I design my house in neutrals so it wouldn't clash with whatever bold pattern or color I'm wearing that day?

Here's what I'm talking about. I call these my "Happy Pants" because it's impossible to feel down when I put a pair of these on. First of all, they are incredibly comfortable. They feel like you have sweat pants on only I seem to walk a little taller and little peppier when I'm wearing them.
Here's what I currently have in my closet (this isn't my closet, I hung them up outside to take the picture). Notice there are two black and white prints in this batch. I can't get away from black and white. I also have velvet and velour pants (not pictured) that I wear when it's cold out. They aren't quite as colorful, but still super yummy and comfy.

I used to make them and sell them when I played in beach volleyball tournaments. I'm tall and I've spent the better part of my life not being able to find pants that were long enough. I can't count how many pieces of clothing I've ruined by accidentally throwing them in the dryer and shrinking them too short. I play volleyball with friends that are taller than me, some over six feet with the same problem.

Solution....make my own pants.

I wear my Happy Pants to work out, to go to soccer games, to slip on after I play volleyball, to run errands, to coach in, to lounge in, pretty much anywhere. I have to warn you. You can't be shy if you wear bold color like this. Strangers do a double take (my friends are used to me) because these pants stand out in a sea of blue jeans and mostly neutral fashion.

Was that a Humming Bird that just dive bombed me?

Hey up there. I want in on the photo shoot, pick me up.

Roscoe is much more photogenic than I am. She's a diva doggy.

I rarely travel outside of California anymore, but my pant fabric choices are globally inspired, and always made with stretchy fabric.
I love Asian motifs, although I don't have any in my house. Here is a pair I added some left over fabric to make a coordinating cuff at the bottom of the pant legs. I have a pair made with the cuff fabric too (more black and white).

Paisley from Persia.

Indian flavor.

Japanese umbrellas put a smile on my face.

Graphic black and white polka dots put a spring in my step.

I typically don't wear a leash, but is this print Dalmatian inspired?

Fun Fact, Dalmatians originated in Yugoslavia.

I came up with my own pattern. Some I make with a draw string top.

Some I make with a fold over yoga style top.

I got burned out on sewing when I made my couch slipcover, ottoman covers, and pillows, but I'm getting the sewing itch to make a new batch of pants for spring and summer. Maybe I'll make some tunics too? Not to wear together. Come on I know you were wondering about that?

Does your wardrobe or your home reflect your personal style?

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Yeah. Love the happy pants. Open a store and sell them at your next tournament...they are THAT good!


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