Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Seems like yesterday my girls were this age.
Here we are at Sea World when they were little. 
I love this picture of the three of us my husband took.  Casey and Cami are hugging me so tight that they're squishing my head and giving me a "Snooki Poof."

I think they were about four and two years old when these pictures were taken?

Here they are from our last Sea World visit over the Christmas break. They are ten and thirteen. 
We still enjoy going to Sea World together. 

They are growing up fast.
This is one of the last pictures I have of Casey before......


Casey got braces last week.
She says she isn't going to smile for two years.

Ha, made you smile!  Tickling always works.

I think she looks beautiful!

In four months Casey starts high school and Cami starts her last year of elementary school. 

Enjoy everyday with your kids, even when they drive you crazy.
The years fly by so quickly.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Casey is as beautiful as EVER, with or without braces. Camie is not so bad herself. You have done a wonderful job raising beautiful kids...inside and out. Well done, mommy.

  2. It picks up speed when they get to this age. It's not fair! I'm having a particularly hard time with my last child leaving elementary school in a little over a year. Savor every moment!


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