Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Art

   I have many objects in my house that our pieces of history from my family.  I recently framed some watercolors and displayed them in my family room.  I've had them for some time. One was painted by my Father-In-Law and the other three where painted by my Grandmother.

This is a landscape my Father-In-Law painted.  I asked if I could have it last time we were visiting.  My daughter has had it pinned on her bulletin board.  I framed it and placed it on my desk in the family room. 
I love the colors.

The next three were painted by my Grandmother.  This one is of a fountain.  She lived in Columbia, New York, California, Japan, Illinois, and Hawaii so I don't know when or where this picture was painted?

     This one says "Amalfi Coast" on the back of it. 
I don't know if she traveled to Italy or she painted it from a picture?

This one is dated 1933.  She was born in 1916 she would have been 17 years old when she painted it. 

I always tell my kids to sign and date their art work.
You never know who might cherish your creations later?


       I placed my Grandmother's painting over this little chair that belonged to her.  It used to be in the waiting room of my Great, Great Grandfather's office.  He was a doctor.  It later occupied one of the bedrooms in my Great Grandmother's house.  The room had a sloped roof so the legs were cut off to compensate for the lack of head room.

Here they are together.

I have been playing with the fireplace mantle display.  I've never had a mantle before so decorating one is new to me.

These pictures hang next to one of my paintings I did over the fireplace.

Do you have family art displayed in your home?

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Great post. I love that you are bring in and teaching your kids about your family heritage through home interiors and family art.
    Your kids will have so much of YOUR art in their house, it's not even funny.

  2. So great, I think kids art is very special and worthy of the way you framed it!

  3. Now I know where all your talent comes from! The only art in my home is kid art. I wish I had more wall space for it.


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