Monday, March 28, 2011

New Urns

I got a gift card to Pottery Barn for my birthday from my cousin Margaret.  I finally used it.
Thanks Margaret!

I bought two of these iron urns. 
I have a slight urn addiction.  Maybe I should say I am an Urnoholic. 
Or I have Urnitis- Inflammation of the Urn.

They were on sale! 
You know how I love a good deal.

I put an orchid in them and for now they are on my new mantle.

I have never had a mantle before so decorating one is new to me.


To see how I got a mantle click here.
Thanks for checking in!


  1. From one urnaholic to another - I love them. the Orchid looks marvelous.

  2. I too have a "pot" addition, being a Landscape Designer doesn't help, I think it only adds to my mania!! So glad you got such a good deal! Happy spring! *Amy


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