Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changing It Up Is Free

I've been meaning to show you some changes I made to my house right after Christmas,
but I'm just now getting around to doing this post. 
 I moved my Great Grandmother's buffet into our living room/office.
Some of my favorite changes to our house are FREE ones. 
Moving furniture gives me a fresh look and a great workout all at the same time!
It also is a great way to motivate me to do some deep cleaning and boy did my house need it after Christmas.
Here is the buffet's new resting spot under my gallery wall.

Here is the buffet decorated for Christmas this year. 
It used to be in our great room.  I've blogged before about how this buffet is the wrong scale, the wrong color, and the wrong style for the space, but I still managed to live with it like this for eleven years!  Ugh. 
Pictures are great for showing flaws but the camera won't fix them. 
 I just was in a rut as to what to do with it?  I'm not ready to part with it and painting it didn't solve the scale or style problem?  I couldn't find another spot to put it until now.  We moved the couch out of the living room/office and into the great room.  The extra seating was much needed, but I still need to slip cover it.  That will have to wait.

Here is the couch's old spot.

I think the buffet's scale is better in this room and the warm orange wood tones are balanced out against the cool blue wall color.   
It's working for me...for now.

In keeping with the free theme, I added stuff to the top that I already had.  I love the brass and enamel design of my Great Grandmother's lamp, but it could use an updated shade.  The large piece of faux coral was a find at Anthropology that I got on clearance for $19 many years ago.  I also picked up the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book on clearance at Anthro. for steal at $25 around the same time.  I've seen this book in stores for $250.  I love this book and occasionally thumb through it and read it.  It's not just for looks.  I added some old crystal decanters, a cloche with one of my embellished shells, an old mirror, and my Great Aunt's school bell.  She was a teacher and this is how she called in her students from recess.  I love having my family history mixed into our decor.

I love/hate you Picnik

Free is good.

Not parting with family heirlooms is good too.

 Have you done any furniture change ups lately?
After many weeks of planning in my head I've started working on replacing the buffet with a new piece. 
If you follow me on Pinterest you might be able to guess the direction I'm going? 

Hopefully I'll be able to share it soon.
Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Love it! The wood tone looks great with the shell mirror!! I am the same way, I have a couple pieces I don't want to part with, but that aren't quite right where they are. Hmmm...

  2. It looks really good. I love all the frames you have grouped together above it.

  3. Very pretty Sharon, I love the vignette:)

  4. I love rearranging.. and I love free! It is so nice when you can shop your house and move a few things to make it feel fresh and new! Everything looks great!


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