Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm In The Mood For Gratitiude

Halloween came and went.
My skeletons have been put to rest till next year.
Sleep tight my little friends.

The flock has flown away. 
Come back soon my dearies.

Can it be that Thanksgiving is a little more than three weeks away?
The Thanksgiving Tree is here. 

I don't just put up a Christmas Tree early and call it a "Thanksgiving Tree."
This isn't one of those, not that there is anything wrong with that.  I just like to have some separation between my Thanksgiving decor and my Christmas decor.

Here's what I do.
I start with my urn that I converted into a tree stand way before I ever heard the word "blog." 
When it isn't a tree stand it doubles as an end table.  A little Quikcrete and some PVC pipe and you're done.  I put a painted paper plate with a hole cut in the middle to create a shallow dish.  It can be filled with seasonal decor (I usually have shells in it) and I just put a piece of glass over it to create the end table.

I added pine cones to hide the PVC pipe for the Thanksgiving Tree. 
I placed the urn on a wood palate to add some height and covered it up with a tree skirt.

Kmart special 7' slim Martha Stewart Tree.
 It looks like a Christmas Tree you say, awe but it's not.
 After Thanksgiving it gets a complete makeover.

I like to decorate my tree by going deep. 
Just a personal preference, I don't like seeing the fake tree trunk so I pack the decor all the way back to the stem.

I like elements you find in nature for this tree.
White pumpkins, birds, pears, grape clusters, and Autumn leaves are all part of my Thanksgiving Tree.

Halloween crows are switched out for friendlier fuzzy pine cone owls. 

I forgot I had these little guys on my tree when I painted this owl for my family room.

A new addition this year are a Marshall's find.  White glass owls. 
 I think they'll transition into Christmas nicely.

I like the price, six for $6.95.

Owls, mushrooms, and faux cabbage.

I'm into mushroom decor at the moment, so I added them to the tree.
Weird I know.

Everything else is stuff I already had.

Next I need to make this year's gratitude tags to hang on the tree.  I started a tradition of having everyone that comes to our house write something they are thankful for on the card. 
We hang the cards on the tree and read them during the Thanksgiving meal. 
We are so blessed, it's a way for our family to take the time to remember how lucky we are.

This year I put the tree in the window by the front door. 
The neighbors are probably thinking I've lost my mind putting a tree up the day after Halloween?

Oh well, I like it. 

It gets me in the mood for gratitude!

Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions you break out the day after Halloween, or am I the only crazy one?
I would love to hear about them. 

Thank you for checking it out.

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  1. I love your gratitude tree! Such a cute idea Shannon! Your nature inspired ornaments are very nice! Writing on the tags is such a sweet tradition!

  2. What a great idea! I love the idea of a gratitude tree. Love all the fall/woodland ornaments!!

  3. Shan,
    madison and i will be putting up our "thanksgiving tree" tomorrow. and i thought it might be too early. should have talked to you first.
    pics to follow

  4. What a wonderful tradition! And such a great tree! It doesn't even look one bit Christmasy. Love how you can transition easily to Christmas.
    The urn/treestand/table? Brilliant!

  5. Gorgeous! I hadn't thought of doing a Thanksgiving tree. What a great idea. I need to get a nicer fake tree. Mine is a bit too cheap.

  6. Amazing.. I am impressed with the speed at which you have changed things around. Although I have been here fore 18 years I have only hosted Thanksgiving twice, been to a couple at other people's homes and most often ended up in a restaurant because much of the extended family travels. My Christmas tree is decorated deep, starting with the lights. Great post!

  7. I think this is such a fantastic idea!! I think the tree is gorgeous!! I love all the nature in it!! But then the gratitude notes just really takes it over the top!! I don't have room for a tree, but you have inspired me to try to to do something with tags and thankfulness!! :)

  8. This is a fun idea! I am loving the owls.... but it seems like you were way ahead of the trend! The mantel looks great!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}


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