Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living Room/Office Gallery Wall

I've been thinking about doing a gallery wall somewhere in my house for awhile now.
 I just didn't have any extra wall space to put one?
I saw this picture on Lauren Liess's blog Pure Style Home.
It's a picture of Karen Robertson's showroom at High Point.
Sorry the quality didn't turn out when I copied the picture. 
If you go to her blog you can see it in better quality. 
It's hard to tell it's framed sea life.
I also love the white slip covered couch and the blue accents.

About a month ago I painted this pair of mirrors that hung in my living room/office.  
It was part of my attack on the Tuscan brown pieces that still occupy my house.   
I call this the "Before, Before."

I liked how the mirrors turned out. 
I'll refer to this as the latest "Before."

For the new gallery wall I started with a scale drawing and figured out how I wanted to arrange the new items I wanted to use.  I'm glad I did this step because it's completely different than I originally imagined and it saved me from patching a lot of unnecessary nail holes.

Here is the first "After."
You can see my Thanksgiving Tree in the left hand side of the picture.
I still haven't made time to slip cover the couch.  It's on the to do list.

The sea shell frame is just glued shells on an old oak mirror. 
I made it years ago before I blogged.  The gold framed mirrors were borrowed from my master bedroom.   

Total cost of this project with spray paint $16. 
I don't think the new look is necessarily better than the old mirrors. 
I just get bored with my surroundings and like to mix it up.
I liked the changes I made, but I always need to live with the newness for a few days before conceding it will stay for the time being.

Mounted sea fan art like this is everywhere, it's far from an original idea, but I had the old frame, the burlap, and the plastic sea fan.  Using stuff I already have saves me money.  The frame was white and I painted it and the sea fan with the extra blue pumpkin paint.

No sea fans were killed for this project, they're plastic.   I use them in my Christmas trees, Thanksgiving trees and in other urn arrangements.
Here they are unpainted in one of my shell urns. 

Here's how I used another sea fan last year for my front door during Christmas time. 
This one was spray painted aqua.

The mirror on the bottom left hand side of the wall was picked up at a garage sale for $7 and started like this.  The previous owner screwed the hanging bracket through the front of the frame?

I filled the holes with wood putty, painted it white, added the blue pumpkin paint to the damaged fabric border, added some gold accents, and glazed the whole thing with a gray wash. 

So I lived with it like this for a day. 
My plan was to replace the bottom right hand side gold mirror with a painted  piece of art.
I might still? 

While taking apart this arrangement from my husband's Birthday Party I got another idea.

Here is the "After, After" and final change for this post.  I picked up this frame at H4H for $5 several months ago and it sat in the "garage filled with too much crapolla" for months.   I mounted the branch on the wall with a nail and some twine.  The Tilandsias are thriving and should do great in this room.

It creates three dimensional living art.

I just need to give the Tillandsias a little spray of water every once in awhile to keep them healthy.

So what do you think? 
Should I go back to the old mirrors, stick with the new gallery, or ditch the stick art and paint a picture for the frame, I would love to hear your opinion.

Framed any sticks lately?

Thanks for checking it out.



  1. Keep it just like it is. LOVE the stick art! I think its all just fabulous.

  2. I say keep it!! Love, love, love the stick with the living plants. So creative. It adds such depth to the wall. Love that you did it so inexpensively too. I am one to change things quite often, and don't like it to cost a fortune.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful space you have. I love everything about it and would not change a thing!

  4. I love the gallery wall! And I love the paint technique on your walls! :)

  5. Yes, keep it JUST like that!!! And your tree??? OMG! That's your Thanksgiving tree? I can't wait to see your Christmas tree! It's gorgeous!

  6. I'm likin' what I see......you are way ahead of me when it comes to holiday decorating. I better light a fire under my butt :)

  7. I love the wall! I love the way it is exactly! Keep the branch!

    Tiffany {Living Savvy}

  8. Shannon, I love the gallery wall! and I love your transformations! It all looks great!

  9. Check this out!!! You're a decorator GENIUS!!! I'm so inspired I want to climb in the attic and hit the thrift stores NOW!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet note! I'm your newest follower and totally hope you'll visit again soon and follow me!!!

    Aimee @ ItsOverflowing.com

  10. I just love gallery walls and having little trinkets hung in between! So unique and playful!

  11. So many interesting pieces here. I love the branch with the Tillandsias. I have been scouring my trees that are bare after the last snowstorm and heavy winds, looking for a perfect branch to spray paint and use on my mantle and another project. The 3-dimensional art is a keeper..it is different and effective and really looks great!

  12. I liked your before's, adored your afters, but am in love with your after after's!

    The gallery wall is perfect! It adds so much interest to the room.

    The plants (I'm pretty much useless with them) on the branch is beautiful.

    Thank for coming to Beautiful Junk Saturday!

  13. Love the gallery wall! Gorgeous!


  14. I love it! Absolutely gorgeous! I'm inspired. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment : )

  15. Can you tell me where you can purchase the artificial sea fans


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