Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marti Gras Homecoming

Casey went to her first Homecoming dance last week. She went with her best buddies from school. Our great friends the Mendlers offered to host all the kids for dinner at their house since their kids, Ben, a senior and Maddie a freshman, were going.  

Sofia, Vicky, Casey, and Maddie

 Kristy is a wonderful cook and made most of the food. 
Kristy got me started blogging. To see her blog Mi Casa San Diego go here
We were partners in crime for this party.  I helped her come up with the dinner tablescapes to help make the party a festive occasion.
The Homecoming theme was Marti Gras.
Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures of the table before the kids arrived.

More importantly I was busy getting pictures of the kids.

Here are the flower arrangements we came up with.  We put them on top of tall iron candle sticks so the view across the table wasn't blocked.  I don't know about you, but I like to see who is sitting across from me while I'm eating.
Dyed eucalyptus, mums, and sunflowers.

The Seniors

I added my magnetic crystal drops to the candle sticks for some bling.  They looked sparkly in the candle light.  We added the black and white striped fabric to balance all the feminine purple.  We didn't want the boys to feel like they were at a "purple princes party."

The dinner was outside on the back patio.  It was a gorgeous San Diego evening.

I helped the Mendlers design their pool and new landscaping. 

A fireplace at the end of this patio was part of the original landscape design. 
It's part of phase two of the backyard plan and when it's completed, will block out the view of the fence and house you see in the background.
  Just picture a large cozy fireplace at the far right hand side of this picture.
Kristy and I found these amazing lanterns on a shopping trip to H4H for a great price.  They are perfect for the patio.  Her handy husband Don installed them.

Appetizer table

I picked up these masks at the dollar store and tied them around the large glass votives on the table.  They did double duty for the dance after the meal.  All the kids wore masks for the Marti Gras theme.  I'm sure that lasted about five minutes.



The freshman
Vicky, Sofia, Greg, Maddie, and Casey. 
 I think Greg is a lucky guy.

Vicky, Maddie, and Casey have been friends since first grade.  Sofia is a newer addition to the group, they met in Middle School.  I'm very grateful Casey has such a nice group of girl friends.

My mom and Casey shopped for her dress together. 
My mom is the best personal shopper.

Casey and me.

My little girl is growing up.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. What a fabulous night! Casey looked amazing...a lot like mom (shh...don't tell her, if she's anything like mine! LOL) We hosted Homecoming dinner two years ago, and it was so much fun. Beautiful tablescape!!

  2. such great photos, shan. did someone get a new camera? sorry. the photo of the pool with sunset should be in a mag. amazing night. wish i could have been there helping you set the table. so happy you can share with all on your great little bloggie. did you talk to K about our potential future? call you, girl.

  3. You have done such an amazing job! I know those kids had a wonderful time could they not : ) Btw...your little girl is beautiful just like you.

  4. Aw! That looks like so much fun! The food and decorations look amazing - those kiddos must have had the best time. =)


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