Friday, November 25, 2011

The Race, Owl Napkin Rings, Cookies, and the Gratitude Card Consensus!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.
We started the festivities with a family run in the morning.  Sorry I forgot the camera for the big race.  My husband and my nephew had a one mile challenge race while the rest of us cheered them on and jogged the mile.  My husband was quite happy he can still out run a 13 year old. 
We will be doing this again next year, it was so fun!
We came home famished after our workout and started the feasting
Hey, we ran a whole mile, we deserved to indulge!

Here is the kid's table and a quick little dollar store napkin ring project.

I showed you the adult table in the last post.

I made these owl napkin rings for the kid's table.

I found the owl rings and the feather hair clips at the dollar store.


I divided these sparkly wired leaves that came clustered on a stem and hot glued the ends of each leaf together to form a circle.  This formed the base of my napkin ring.  You can see one of the base rings in this picture laying on the newspaper.

I removed the finger ring from the backs of the owls and feathers.  I added a little more hot glue and attached both to my leaf circle to complete the napkin ring.

I put the extras that weren't holding napkins around the candlesticks and votives.

I added a few spray painted white and gold pumpkins, some gold twig place mats, and red cranberry red chargers to complete the look.  The red bubble glasses belonged to my Grandmother.  We use them everyday.

As the turkey was cooking, the kids decorated cookies while the rest of the family drank champagne and watched football.

No time for smiling mom, I'm in the cookie zone.

These girls take their cookie decorating seriously.

My cousin Margaret (on the right hand side of this photo) made all the cookies and the Royal Icing for the decorating.  She uses a Martha Stewart recipe and these cookies are the best looking and tasting sugar cookies I have ever experienced.  She has brought them for the last two years of Thanksgiving and I hope she brings them again next year too!

These are her two girls
Darby and McKenna.
My youngest daughter Cami is on the right.

The dogs took care of any leftovers on the floor. 
My parent's dog Gigi came over to help Piper out with the clean up.

"Did you see that?  I called it first."

"Please give us turkey because we are cute."

The consensus on the Gratitude Cards is that Family is the Most Important thing that people are Thankful for.
Followed by their
friends, health, and their dogs.

Funny how no one talked about their car, computer, clothes, our any other material things?

It's the simple things that are the most important to all of us. 

I hope you and your family had an amazing Thanksgiving Day together!

Thanks for checking it out.



  1. You have the best ideas! The owl napkin rings are adorable.

    Happy Thanks Giving. (we had ours in October)

  2. What fun decorating cookies! Love the kids table. We are using an owl theme for our dining table for Christmas, it's our oldest's school mascot (graduation party mid- December). Glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. when did camie get so ginormous? she looks taller than me! can't wait to see your beautiful family. love the pictures...and the owls.

  4. The whole day sounded special and I love the idea of running/jogging a mile before the meal! Love the napkin ring ideas - the owls are cute! I wonder if your cousin uses the MS cookie recipe which has brandy in it. I have been making them with my kids for Christmas over the past few years and the flavor is unbelieveable!

  5. Your tables were absolutely fabulous...I adore the cute little owl napkin rings for the kids' table, so perfect! Looks like you are in full holiday swing!

  6. Those owls are too cute for words! What a fabulous find! I love the way they look as napkin rings with the wired leaf base and fall colored feathers. I'm sure these will be a treasured addition to your holiday decor for years to come. Lovely work!

  7. Those owl rings are fancy! It looks like everyone had a fun time!


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