Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Paper Art and Our Master Bedroom

I re-purposed an old picture to create some new art work for our old master bedroom. 

Here is the completed new piece that I created with Mod Podge and paper.

The original picture has been sitting in my closet since I re-did our master five years ago.

I used paper that I purchased from Anthropologie after Christmas. 
It was 50% off the sale price.

The picture was solidly glued to the back of the matte so I just Mod Podged right over it.

I cut the paper and started adding layers.  I brushed the Mod Podge over the paper.
Next a I added the circles.  I ran out of Mod Podge before I was done so I made my own out of watered down white glue.   It seemed to work fine.  I let the whole thing dry over night.

Here it is over our bed. 
Not sure it's going to stay there? 
The whole project cost me $6, so for six bucks I'll live with it for now.
I think a gallery of pictures might look better? 
That might take another five years to change.

We purchased the bedroom set when we moved in eleven years ago.  We had a couple mismatched dressers and a bed frame prior to moving here.  I didn't know any better back then so I purchased a whole matching set, bed, armoire, dresser, mirror, and nightstand.   I won't make that mistake again.

I still like the five year old paint job. 
The paint looks more gray in real life.  In the pictures it's reading more blue than it really is.
 I painted the walls BM 1563 Quiet Moments and the ceiling is one shade lighter than the walls,
 BM 1562 Healing Aloe.  Speaking of Benjamin Moore paint, what's going on with their pricing?  The price has gone up three times in the past year.  A gallon cost about $50 now.  I love their paint, but I'm wavering on my customer loyalty at these prices.
What's up Ben?

This is where Piper likes to sleep when I'm working in this room or getting ready in the adjacent master bathroom
The ottoman originally went with our couch. 
I slip covered it in animal print many, many years ago and moved it in here.

Piper as a poster. 
Thanks Picnik, wish you weren't closing down.

My dad helped my husband and I do the molding in this room when we first moved in.  We have ten foot ceilings and the puny crown molding we started with was too small for the ceiling height.  We added chair rail below the crown and smoothed joint compound between the two pieces to make it look like one large piece.  Painted all the same color, you can't tell it's two separate pieces.

Directly across from the bed on either side of the entry into our master bath, I placed two matching bookcases to flank the doorway.  These bookcases used to be in my daughter's rooms.  I just moved this one in our room because I found bamboo shelves for Casey at a thrift store and she didn't need this any more.  I took possession of Cami's bookshelf after I re-did her room last year.  These were a garage sale find that I picked up for $50.  They are solid oak and very well made.  I painted them distressed white and added the legs to the bottom to add height.
I'm still playing with the arrangement and not quite set on the whole arrangement.
Those picture might become part of the gallery over the bed.

This lamp needs some help, at least a new shade. 
 I've decided I definitely need some more pattern in the room. 

On either side of the bed I hung H4H brass chandeliers from the ceiling.  I painted them pale silver and let just a hint of the brass finish peak through.  I drilled each bobeche before painting and hung a single crystal from each arm.  My magnetic crystal drops don't work on brass.  The chandeliers have been re-wired so they plug into the wall and they are on dimmer switches for light control. 

The bedding is simple grays, silver, and black.  I picked up the separates from Home Goods.  Since chandeliers are more feminine I balanced them out with more masculine bedding.  I figured I could go girlie with the chandeliers because the large dark furniture is more manly.

I know I hung the drapes too low. I've been lazy and haven't gotten around to adding extra length to the bottom of the panels and raising the rods to the bottom of the crown molding.
Maybe posting this will motivate me to finally fix them.
Come on, I've only lived with them like this for five years!
Nothing like a picture to highlight what's glaringly wrong with a room.

Maybe I should take pictures of my outfits to figure out where I'm committing fashion faux pas?

More fun with Picnik.

Have you committed any decorating faux pas you'd like to share?

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. I really like the art piece you created. The colors and appearance of texture draw me in. You have a beautiful bedroom, but as a gallery wall person myself, I could see the impact it would make over the bed. I look forward to any updates you share!

  2. What a beautiful and relaxing room. I think I need to get some chandeliers for my bedroom!

  3. GREAT diy!! I've got a piper of my own, her name is BONNIE and she is also the star of our PICNIK children and I are also VERY sorry it's closing shop!!

  4. Love the art! And, the poster of Piper is precious!! I need to create on with a pic of Kylee before Picnik goes away :(

  5. Enjoyed the room tour! Your bedding looks especially cozy and I love the colors. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i like the diy but I'm wondering if you considered another frame color?

  7. The artwork is such a great idea for a small price. You could use the colors for inspiration if you decide to change things up a little. I bought the master bedroom set about 12 years ago and yes, bedding, nightstands and dresser/mirror is one set! Let's hope it comes around again although we are ready to change the bed and maybe I will get to create a headboard. I like the masculine/feminine balance.

  8. what a great idea! I have some old artwork I bought at a garage sale- so going to try this!

  9. I love the artwork you made!!! You're so talented Shannon!!
    I made the same mistake when my husband and I were first married- I bought a complete bedroom set. I realize now how boring and unimaginative it is, but back then I had no idea. When we moved this past summer we had to sell all our master bedroom furniture because our room in this house that we're renting is just way too small to fit it all. So, I guess now I'll get my chance to start over and get things piece by piece. For now though, I'm pulling all my clothes from plastic boxes.
    Your room is so beautiful and stylish!! I am dying to do what you you did with the chandeliers over the side tables. Can't wait to have a gorgeous master bedroom like yours!

  10. Yes for sure on decorating faux pas~LOL Are you an artist, because you always have the best art. Love the wall color, I didn't realize the paint had gone up that much! Love the room and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with stuff in my closet for several years :)


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