Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tree # 3 The Skinny Tree

This is my Skinny Tree. I bought it about five or six years ago at Kmart when they carried the Martha Stewart line. It's a 7' slim, It's been a pretty good tree for $79. I like skinny trees because they don't take up as much space as a regular tree. This is the same tree I had decorated as my Thanksgiving Tree.

The Christmas conversion entailed removing the cabbages, fruit, fall leaves, and succulents. I left the owls and bird's nest on. I added more white feathers, my shell stars, green Christmas Tree balls, white and gold ornaments, silver sparkly birds, and my Margaret Furlong Ornaments.

I don't really collect ornaments, but I do have some Margaret Furlongs. My mom used to get them for wholesale and she got these for us when we were newlyweds. I used one of the hearts for my wedding cake topper, but I can't find it. It's put away in a special place probably in the scary garage.

Here are some of them.

1995 Lily of the Valley

1994 Joyeux Noel Messiah Angel

1995 Wings of Love

1990 Christmas Tree

1998 Shamrock

1995 Love

No red on this tree, maybe next year?

Merry Christmas!

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