Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's For Breakfast?

What did you eat for breakfast today? We've all heard it's the most important meal of the day? The average American gains seven pounds over the Holidays. I for one don't plan on being one of them. Starting my day with a healthy breakfast keeps me from grabbing what ever I can get in my mouth later because I'm starving. I never used to be a breakfast person. I was more of a brunch person, but I changed about two years ago. I used to be too busy and never hungry for breakfast, but by 10:00 AM, I was ready to chew my arm off. Eating the right breakfast changed that.

I start my day with 2 oz. of Monavie. This product is why I can still run and play beach volleyball three days a week pain free. 2 ounces morning and night are equivalent to eating 11-13 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Next I eat my usual breakfast. Low fat organic yogurt. Yogurt has more calcium than milk. Fresh fruit, today it's strawberries and blueberries. I try to eat at least 50% of my diet raw. We all have heard by now nuts are good for you, but remember the key is to eat them raw. Today I'm having a mixture of Brazilian, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans. Raw nuts give you good Omegas-3's (Healthy fats) and curb hunger. It's delicious and keeps me full till lunch time.

I also have one to two cups of coffee in the morning. I switched to Almond Milk and Stevia for my coffee a couple years ago. Stevia is a natural sweetener that is gaining popularity. I do not use artificial sweeteners and limit my sugar intake. That includes carbohydrates. The body treats Carbohydrates just like sugar.

I changed my diet a couple of years ago and lost about 12 pounds. Nothing dramatic, I lost about a pound a week. I weigh what I did when I got married. I had put on about a pound a year since I turned 30. A pound here and there isn't that much, but over a ten or twenty year period, it adds up.

I have read many books on diet and nutrition and took nutrition in college. I am by no means an expert, but enjoy delving into the subject. These two books are my favorite and have changed the way I view food. They are not weight loss books. They are more about longevity studies and a healthy lifestyle. The by product of eating this way is weight loss. I need to be shown the science behind the opinions. These books do that. It's interesting to me. If that isn't you, you will be bored, but you can skip the data and still get something out of the books.

Just a few things I learned.

*The whole grain myth.

*Why farm raised Salmon and Tilapia are two of the worst things you can eat.

*How artificial sweeteners are as bad for your health as real sugar.

*How fake fat leads to heart attack.

*How farmers feed corn, soy, and whole grains to fatten their cows. Guess what the typical American diet consists of?

*How over exercising shortens your lifespan.

*How raw fruits and veggies are natural chemotherapy for the body.

Happy Breakfast and Reading!


  1. Great post. I'm a total breakfast eater. Half a banana, handful of raw almonds and steel cut oatmeal, with a side of B12, iron, Vit D, Vit E, Omega 3 and calcium supplements. Every morning.

    My fav food book is Food Rules by Michael Pollan. You'd love that one, too.

    12 pounds! That's awesome. You go, S. Love the "new look" to your blog, as well.
    Happy breakfast eating.

  2. I'm close on the diet, but it still needs tweaking. I just can't believe the fake, processed food I used to eat. It scares me!

    I have also been interested in the inflammation and diet connection, so I'm so glad you posted this. I will be reading these.

    Do you still sell Monavie?


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