Friday, December 24, 2010

Grammy's and Bucky's House

My oldest daughter affectionately named my dad "Bucky" when she was a baby and it stuck. All four of his grandchildren call him Bucky to this day. My kids call my mom "Grammy." This is their house at Christmas. They live about ten minutes from us and we see them frequently every week, almost daily.

My kids love their grandparent's Christmas decor way more than ours. I have one Santa Claus and one Snowman in our entire house. My parents have a few more. Try 300 more! My mom has been collecting Annalee Christmas ornaments since 1975.

She has well over 300 of them.

Annalee Gingerbread Man and Woman.

More Snowmen than I can count.

Lots of Snowmen.

Santa and his Reindeer.

Baby Jesus, he's my favorite.

The living room tree.

She also collects Clothtique Santa Claus's. This cabinet is filled entirely with Santa's.

This Christmas tree is covered in all Annalee ornaments.

The girls and their cousins, Sam and Jake.

Annalee Santa.

Annalee Mice.

More Santas

Here are the girls baking with Grammy at Christmas time a few years back. The girls love my parent's house because they always make Christmas so special for them.

Merry Christmas!


  1. You are so lucky to have such great parents so involved with your family making traditions that will last a lifetime. The girls will pay that forward, as you and H will.

    I yearn for those days of having family so close by.

    Have a great day, S.

  2. I am lucky! My parents are such an important part of my kid's lives. I know it's hard being so far from your family. I'm sending you hugs through the computer.


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