Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Dec. 8, 2010 couldn't have been a more beautiful day! I played volleyball at the beach and it was a gorgeous 70 degree sunny day. Can't think of too many things I would have rather been doing than working out and playing with my friends at the beach. These days are numbered, so I need to appreciate each and every one of them.

We saw a few dolphins, but I didn't get any pictures. They were camera shy (code for I'm a bad photographer). Seeing dolphins playing in the waves always makes me smile. We won't get too many more days like this. The winter swells will wash out our court and we'll have to move back to the river mouth to play. It's hard to see the dolphins from the river mouth and the sand is dirtier. It's a dog beach, so things don't always smell "beachy" at those courts. I'm sure none of you would ever not pick up after your dog?

Today is Friday, Dec. 10th and it's supposed to be 71 degrees today.

Guess where I'm headed for a few more hours of play?

I hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are.


  1. Wow, it got down to the teens here this week. I have decided the Jones family will be migrating back to the beach at some point.

    Thanks for the nice note you left a while back. Working and going to school has left me with no time to do anything I enjoy. I'm going to have to cut something out.

    I will be posting soon about my new x-mas tree urn that I copied from your blog. Thanks for the tutorial.


  2. Hi Heather, Back to school and work! That cuts into blog time. I have missed reading your blog, but understand now, you have homework. I look forward to seeing your tree. I'm sure it looks great.


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