Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spreading(Spraying) Joy

We have had weather in the 70's and 80's last week, but my windows are looking winterlicious after a quick treatment of faux snow. This is so easy and it doesn't require any artistic talent. The clean up after the Holidays is easy.

This is the window by my front door.

All you need is couple cans of faux snow and 8" cardboard letter stencils. I taped the letters to the window and did a quick spray. Free hand the border and your done! It washes off with a spray of water. Don't worry if it isn't perfect. Give the whole window a light dusting of snow to cover the imperfections.

I used the technique on my inside mirrors too.

I added our family initial to some of the mirrors around the house. Same technique, different stencil. I made the 'N' stencil a few years back with a piece of Mylar. I used it with the faux snow to give my mirrors a personal touch. If you have multiple windows or mirrors to spray, use Mylar stencils. The Mylar can be purchased at Michael's to make custom stencils or you can buy pre-made stencils.

The faux snow is VERY WET when you first spray it on and it creates a build up of "wet snow" on the stencil kind of like frosting. The Mylar stencil needs to be washed after each application or your design gets sloppy. It's difficult to use the cardboard stencils more than twice because they can't be washed between applications, so if you have multiple windows and mirrors, buy Mylar.

Here are the front windows of my house. They look very festive at night with the house lights on. They didn't photograph well so here they are in the daytime. I used a combination of the cardboard letters and a Mylar border stencil I already had. I added the wreaths using suction cups to adhere them to the windows

It got up to 88 degrees the day I took these pictures. Can you tell?
If you live in a climate that receives a lot of rain or snow, you might consider decorating the inside of your window and not the outside like I did. Rain and sprinklers will wash the faux snow off and ruin your creation.

I did not faux snow Roscoe, although she did try to to be involved in the project. She likes to help and be in the middle of whatever I'm doing. She spreads Joy just by being a good dog.

Merry Christmas!

Keep spreading the JOY!

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