Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Man Cave Reveal

I'm finally finished with Henry's room. 
 It's been six months since I started the man cave makeover.  
Most of the room has been done for quite awhile, I was just waiting on the couch.  
I ordered a love seat/chaise combo couch about a month ago.  
I picked up the couch a week ago, but only half of it made it home with me.

I'll tell you more details of the couch saga when we get to the reveal pictures.

The room used to look like this.

I did many DIY projects along the way of completing this room.
Just click on the hi-lighted words to see the post for more details on how I did each one.
I painted the walls
Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC 170 and
the ceiling Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray HC 168.

My brother helped did the crown molding.  

I added jute rope to the existing entry light.  

I made this leather studded stump for a side table.

I added industrial wheels to this thrift store steamer trunk
I originally planned on using it as a media console, but I think the scale works better switching to the dresser.

I painted my entryway mirror a more masculine black.

Here is the finished room reveal.
I did it on a tight budget spread over several months.

The green velvet drapes and the cowhide rug are from Ikea.

The silver floor lamp is a family hand me down that I painted silver and distressed.

The media dresser has been in my family for years.
The white chair is a thrift store find that I had reupholstered years ago.

I changed out the white blinds for woven ones from Lowe's.

So, let's get back to the story of the couch.
 I searched and searched for the perfect couch for many months.
My husband and I are tall and needed a deep couch to accommodate our height.  We tend to keep our couches along time so I didn't want to skimp on quality, but it still needed to be budget friendly.

 The room is small and it's the first room you see when you walk in the front door.  Going too big would have over whelmed the space.  I found the perfect solution at a store in Solana Beach called WE-R-Fabrics.  They make custom high end furniture for very competitive prices.
I will definitely buy furniture from them again.
Now, here is where my nice little couch story gets scary.   
I picked up the couch on a Friday afternoon, but only the chaise part of the couch made the trip safe and sound to my house. 
 I watched helplessly through the rear view mirror as the love seat did a back flip out of the back of my truck on to the freeway!
I know, CRAZY!

I am very lucky to not be facing a lawsuit or dealing with the guilt of causing someones untimely death due to a couch collision on the freeway.
The lesson I learned that day is NEVER trust someone when they tell you the furniture is "secure" in the truck.
The couch miraculously landed right side up and only received a minor tear that has been seamlessly fixed.  
More importantly, no car accidents occurred as a result of my flying couch.
I should have bought a lottery ticket that day.
 It could have been really bad, I was very lucky that no one got hurt.   

A week later the chaise and love seat are happy to be reunited again.
It's perfect for my tall husband and the chaise is lined up with the TV for comfortable, ideal TV viewing.

Originally I was going to make two industrial shelves like the one I made for my great room, to flank the TV, but I decide to do a gallery wall instead.

The picture on the left is of New York City where my husband is from.  It was on clearance for $30 at Homegoods.  The other map above the TV and the blue print picture to the right were also great buys from Homegoods.
I already had the two brown mirrors.

Most of the accessories I found shopping the house.
I picked up a few extra old books at thrift stores.  The globe was on clearance at Homegoods and well as the large black metal urns with the pointy finials.  

My husband is really happy with his new room.  
Now if we can just keep the girls out if it.

Thanks for checking it out.

Thrifty Decor Chick


  1. There are two elements that to me are show stoppers; the green velvet drapes and the painted mirror! Of course everything looks great and it does definitely have a masculine feel. The entire space is so comfy and cozy. I think adding the natural wood blinds and having the TV console in wood really warms up the space.

    Eeek! Thank Goodness there were no serious consequences to the highway mishap.

  2. I can't imagine the fear of seeing your couch flip out on the freeway. scary stuff. the room is FANTASTIC. I love so many of the elements. I may have to get a rug like yours from Ikea!

  3. This is so amazing, I love your blog! Hope you don't mind, I just shared on my facebook page. Love your couch and so glad everyone is safe.

  4. Shannon you have done a fabulos job, I love all the detail and interesting decor, it really makes the room. I'm glad you and the sofa survived it could have been a horrible mishap. Thanks for sharing your space with us! By the way I'm still putting spinach on my chicken salad sandwich.

  5. 1st thing.. fabulous job on the room. I love it all!!
    2nd - holy crap! I bet your still shaking!!! lucky indeed!!

  6. It looks great,Shannon! Very manly, but love the touches of softness here and there.
    Flying couches...yikes! Glad no one was hurt and that the poor thing survived. I'm guessing that your nerves were completely shot for days!

  7. The room is fantastic! I am sure he loves it just as much as you do, if not more!!! I cannot imagine going through that on the highway! SCARY stuff indeed.

  8. This looks great! So glad no one got hurt with the couch ordeal! I love the couch, by the way.

  9. This room is so warm and inviting. You did a fabulous job and no one would ever know you have a flying couch. It's just a beautiful space.

  10. Great job! That room looks so cozy and inviting, and masculine as well. I'm so thankful I get to see all your home projects on your blog.


  11. Man Cave, heck with that, I want your room for myself, LOL! I LUV what you did but the white French-styled chair does not seem spot-on perfect with the rest of the room. I'm not thinking 'recliner', but a suitably scaled mod wing chair or swivelling "commander" chair would have been tres cool. Just wondering about the white chair???

  12. Just wanted to let you know that your gorgeous glass spheres are featured on Completely Coastal here!

  13. You did such a wonderful job! I really love how the room turned out. It has such a great look!

  14. Your room is FAB U LOUS and your ability to pull it all together = nothing short of SPECTACULAR! :)

  15. Oh my gosh Shannon! It looks amazing! and that mirror painted black is fab!! I have so much to catch up on with blog reading-Im sooo behind. Headed to see what else you've been up to.

  16. Such a great job - very comfortable, casual, yet stylish! Love it!

  17. adore
    this eclectic
    and masculine room

    you've made
    all the vintage pieces
    and subtle colors
    come together in a way
    that is so warm and inviting

    love it!


  18. Everything that is worth ANYTHING always takes time to come together! This room's details are absolutely "ology" with your special and creative touches - LOVE IT ALL!

    This is my first time visiting! TLC posted on FB! Nice to meet you!

    New York

  19. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I'm trying to do something like this now because I've got a leather couch (that I'm not really excited about) to use in my main room. This was just the push I needed to get started. Thanks.


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