Wednesday, May 23, 2012

$4 Jute Light

The Man Cave makeover continues and here is the latest $4 transformation. 
This is the track home, builder grade light in our entry that came with the house. 
I gave it a little makeover last week.

I have never liked this light fixture, but it's 15 feet in the air and I could never decide what to change it out for?  I found nice lights, but if you have been a follower of my blog for awhile, you know I'm a tad frugal when it comes to buying lighting.
It's so much more fun to make my own for pennies less.

This is how the room looked before paint and the light makeover. 

Here is the after.
Painted, new completed crown molding and window casings, and the same light with a jute rope makeover.

I had left over rope from my DIY Restoration Hardware Planetarium Knock Off Chandelier. 
Say that five times fast.
To see how I made this fixture for under $50 with hula hoops, an old brass light fixture, and jute rope go

The electrician was able to come back and add the j box to the ceiling.  What a production, he had a tough time getting the wires through the attic and I got to help fish them through the hole while he crawled in the attic up above. 
I finished off the light with a ceiling medallion.
The room is so much more inviting at night with the new light and it's on a dimmer.

Here is the inspiration for my new entry light. 
Coastal Chic Rope Chandelier from Shades Of Light.
"999 are you out of your mind?"

I took $4 roll of 50' x 3/4" jute rope that I picked up from Big Lots and hot glued and wrapped it over all the metal parts of the fixture.  It's not rocket science.  Just wrap and glue.  It took almost the whole 50' roll of rope.  I taped up my fingers with athletic tape BEFORE I used the glue gun this time.  I'm happy to report no blisters and no cuss words were yelled that would make a sailor blush this time.  I didn't bother to take down the light to wrap it in rope.  I carefully balanced on an extension ladder and wrapped and glued.  I would recommend taking the light down, I'm just lazy. 
It's much safer to do this on the ground.

Here is what it looks like closeup now.  
If I find something better to hang here, I'm only out $4.
Can't beat that.  OK, I guess free beats it.

It'll do for now. 
It only took me eleven years to do something about my most unliked light in the house.
The jute rope is a little fuzzy close up, but from the ground you can't tell it needs a shave.
The ceiling in this entry alcove is 15' high.

Here is a picture of the two lights together. 
They are totally different, but now they go together. 
 I like that they aren't too matchy, matchy.

I love solving design problems with inspiration, creativity, a little DIY,  and not big bucks. 
$4 fits my budget. 

I still have one more roll of jute rope left. 
Who will be my next makeover victim?

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. Love! Now I am looking around for something I can use jute rope on!!! LOL Love how his "man cave" is turning out. I am thinking my hubby could use a space like that. And, come next fall we will have no shortage of rooms! Graduation is tomorrow. Despite all her absences she is graduating with her highest GPA to date! Yeah!!!

  2. Wow! $4 makeover success! I don't know about standing on a ladder with a long stretch of rope and a glue gun, though...brave lady!!!

  3. Love it!!! it's fabulous and looks better than the inspiration photo! great job :)

  4. I love this! But I love everything you do... :)

  5. Those are the coolest lights ever! Great job, dangerous job!

  6. WOW! I am terrified of heights, I would have had to take the fixture down and wrap on solid ground! :)

    These looks so great, I love that they have the same feel, but aren't the same.

  7. Holy smokes Shannon! You rock :) I love them both, have a great week!


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