Thursday, August 9, 2012

Goodbye Deer Booty, Hello Sea Monster?

Here is a sneak peak of my latest DIY art, 
My "Sea Monster."

I made the pen artwork of a deer for Christmas 2011
While I loved it for the winter, it really didn't go with a San Diego summer.
After I hung it up, my husband wanted to know why I painted deer booty?
I love that man.

This week I replaced my deer with a blue octopus.
I know summer is in full swing and I'm a little late to the party. 

For inspiration I pinned some octopus to use as subject matter

atlantic or common octopus


The pictures just didn't have the detail that I needed.  I ended up using the octopus I painted in my daughter's bathroom. 
To see the rest of the underwater scenes I painted go here

I took a picture to refer back to and used him as my subject matter for my newest artwork. 
First I sketched the outline of his body on painter's tarp.  I used the same tarp for my deer and my owl.  To see a more detailed explanation of how I create my artwork and my owl go here.
For this monochromatic project I used a blue colored pencil, a blue Sharpie, and a blue ball point pen.  I free handed my octopus, but if you aren't artistic you could achieve the same thing with an overhead projector. 

 I like using pen and Sharpie because of the control I have. 
 I got caught up on my taped Olympic Beach Volleyball while I worked.
Way to Go Misty and Kerri!
Misty May-Treanor is married to MLB player

No Sea Monsters on the volleyball court.

After I hung him up, I accessorized my mantle with a beach theme and added some red. 
The great thing about having a neutral pallet is I can bring in just about any color accessories for a change. 

Shells and coral

I shopped the house and used stuff I already had.

I added a hand painted seahorse pillow I made years ago to the chair below.

I painted a stripe of blue on my found buoy and added it and a starfish to the basket we store firewood in.

The change is a little late for the season, but sometimes that's how my decorating goes.

Swim safely my friends.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. It's never too late for such gorgeous displays.

    You have such amazing talent, for drawing/painting and for creating beautiful vignettes.

  2. You are sooo amazingly talented! I can't believe you aren't an Art teacher!! And yes, weren't the Sand matches fantastic?!!!

  3. I love it! I started following you on Pinterest last night! Sharing on FB!

  4. I'm stopping by because Debbie from reFresh reStyle posted this on facebook! I love your octopus! He would look great in my house. :o)

  5. Gorgeous, Shannon! What a wow statement- isn't it summer year round at your house?
    Misty and Kerri were awesome!!! Such a great moment.

  6. Wow, just beautiful! You're so talented!

  7. That's amazing. I just recently took up water colors myself. I love seeing what other people create with their art.


  8. I can't believe that is pen, pencil and sharpie! Looks amazing!

  9. Shannon, that is absolutely amazing! I have wanted to paint an octopus for a blank wall I have in my room, but mine would look like a kindergarten project. You have a lot of talent, lady. I had to laugh, because my husband would have also asked me why I painted a deer butt.

    Loved watching Misty and Kerri!


  10. Shannon, you are so talented. The octopus is perfect and I love it all in blue. Just stunning.

  11. What a great change you made! Such a challenging subject to create. And, I really like the pop of red. :) I felt compelled to look up the symbolism of the octopus. A few meanings among the many were: Complexity, Diversity, Vision & Mystery. Great post.

  12. Wow! Such a stunning piece of art! I love your whole mantel display. It's so fun and interesting. (You're such a creative girl, Shannon!)

  13. Well done, Shannon! Gosh, you have an amazing talent. I've never seen a more beautiful octopus. :)

    Lannie Bartlett

  14. Wow! You've got skills girl! Your space really looks great, I'm glad you are so happy with how everything turned out, enjoy the rest of your Summer Shannon!

  15. You got a skill at this instance. The glass orbs with plants are adorable. What a great site for interior design.

  16. Wow, what a fabulous mantel and art work!!


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