Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Entry 2012

I did a little makeover to my entryway mirror and table for the Fall season.

Here's how the table was decorated right after I painted it black a few months back.

To see the before and after pictures go here.

It was part of the man cave makeover.

I added my white embellished pumpkins, a feather boa, and this black orb to one of my urns.

I took off the stem of the pumpkin and changes it out for an embellished Fleur de Lys fence post topper.  I attached it by sticking bamboo skewers into the foam pumpkin.  They create a base to hold the heavy metal topper in place.

I set the small side lamps on feather boas and added my little stud pumps around the base of the urn.  
I topped of the mirror with fall greenery.  
I already had everything so this change up was free.

Thanks for checking it out.

DIY Show Off Fall Festival Party
DIY Showoff


  1. I like it! The pumpkin in the orb was a great idea and then you took it to the next level by glamming it up!

  2. Shannon! Have not stopped by in awhile and can't believe I didn't see the man cave update --- that room looks sensational! Old world meets chic masculine - love love!

  3. Love those little belted white pumpkins, very slick!

  4. I need that orb! I think it would make me super cool :) Everything looks wonderful, as always.

  5. I love the orbs too... where can you find them????


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