Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's For Lunch? My Secret Weapon For the Holidays

I haven't done a "What's For Lunch" post in awhile? 
I wanted to share my secrete weapon with you,
it's the 'F' word. 
No not that 'F' word, the other one, FIBER.  With all the holiday parties and running around its easy to over eat and pack on the pounds.  We all get so busy this time of year it's more tempting then ever to get caught in the DDT (Deadly Drive Thru) or sit and gorge on Holiday cookies and treats.  One way I combat over indulgence is loading up on fiber before I go out the door of my house.  All calories ARE NOT created equal.   Let's face it, I'm going to eat some fudge at a Christmas party and I'm slightly addicted to Pumpkin Lattes (Thank You Kristy) so making sure I eat enough fiber combats the weight gain.
Don't take my word for it read this from Web MD and see how fiber is our friend. 
Here's a handy Fiber Food List from Dr. Chilton's Inflammation Nation if you want more ideas.

Here's my fiberlicious lunch for today.
 I'm on my way out the door to coach volleyball and I like to fuel up before I go.
 A hungry Coach Shannon = cranky Coach Shannon!
 My kids and husband said I'd get voted off Survivor because I'm not "nice" when I'm hungry.
I started with some tasty Rosemary Apricot Chicken Salad from my friend Trader Joe's. 
I don't always have time to make my own chicken salad so Joe took care of it for me.
 (Don't tell my husband I have a crush on T. Joe.)

Some Spinach


Start with some avocado on a corn tortilla.  I don't eat gluten, but if you do, you could make this on some whole grain bread.  I'm in a hurry and need to eat on the run so the to tortilla makes eating quick and easy, otherwise I could skip the tortilla all together and just eat this on a bed of spinach.

Next I added a little chicken salad.

I threw in some sugar snap peas for added crunch and more fiber.

A handful of spinach.

Eating while standing up is not advisable, but I need to eat and run today.

Here is another version with fresh tomatoes.

I start my day with my Green Smoothie and I try to add veggies, preferable raw, to all my meals.  I even have my husband drinking these every morning with me, he's addicted
My diet has evolved into a more plant based one.

Eating this is way has helped me maintain my weight. 
I'm three pounds off my high school weight and I'm having my 30th year reunion this summer. 
This has not always been the case.

I'm off to go coach and my tummy is happy! 
The fiber keeps me full and it keeps the "crankies" away.

Wishing You A Happy, Healthy New Year!

Thank you for checking it out.


  1. Shannon! You are killing me! I was a bad girl with all my cookies and caramel sauce. I'm in bad need of your green smoothie. We call the Odwalla Superfood 'the green slime', but we like it. Going to check your recipe. The chicken salad and I would be besties. Please bring me a plate with spinach. ; )

  2. I so need to get on "your diet", if only I could get hubby to go along with...sigh! Kate would be happy to oblige. And, she would devour that wrap in 2 seconds flat, minus the avocado (still can't get her to try them!). You look fantastic!!

  3. So many good things! I love spinach, tomatoes and avocado. Yummy!

  4. so jealous you have mr. joes. i had to get my fill while in sd and it wasn't enough. love the f-word tip. will have to be a bit more creative to get mine in.

    my latest obsession: Gorgonzola and celery. any fiber in that? didn't think so.

  5. Thanks for the post Shannon I will have to give the chicken salad a try. You've given me a few things to think about........I'm wearing my "fat pants" today :( not enough fiber.

  6. That looks so good!! Easy enough for me to make, too. :-)


  7. These look absolutely delicious and I love anything from TJ's. I enjoy avocado and tortillas, too. The green smoothie has me intrigued - I have to check it out. You must be so very fit - that is wonderful, Shannon!

  8. I am so impressed! Can you come kick my behind into gear...I need it bad. You look amazing! I say 2012 is the year of me...better get on it!


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