Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis The Season For Painting Mirrors

I started painting my mirrors and windows last year and I'm doing it again for this Christmas. 
 It's an EASY, quick, and affordable way to bring in the Holiday cheer.

No artistic talent necessary, you just need some stencils, bought or homemade. 
This is the mirror outside in our front yard courtyard. 

This is what the mirror looks like the rest of the year.

It's an old mirror that I hot glued floral foam and moss to.  Then I wrapped chicken wire on top of it and stapled it to the wooden frame.  I grow Tillandsias on it because they don't require much water.

I made some homemade stencils out of computer paper for my template.  This is a one use stencil project.  Use stencil Mylar for repeated use.  I found the pictures on the Internet and I traced the picture of the deer right off my monitor because my printer is out of ink.

I used white and a little gray acrylic craft paint to block in the stencils.  I stuck in some pine cones around the moss frame and added some sticks to the front sides of the mirror to make it 3D. 

 I drug home the sticks from one of my walks.  The gardeners missed picking these up after trimming the trees. 
I still have leftovers for another project.

I freehand painted the mountains in the background, but it looked good without them too.  I shaded the bottom of the deer's belly and legs with a little gray paint to help define his body in the white snow.  Save the inside of the deer cutout and overlay it on top of the painted deer image to add the shading once the deer is dry. 

Here are some more stencil and paint mirror projects I did inside the house. 
The paint is easy to clean off the mirror after the Holidays.

Our family initial and snowflakes.

Last year I used these cardboard letters and faux snow to decorate the outside windows.


I used the same stencils this year for some indoor mirrors, but substituted the snow for acrylic paint.

It's snowing JOY

 Here are the outside windows for this year using the cardboard stencils and faux spray snow. 
These are EASY!

Wishing you and your family Hope, Peace, and Love this Christmas.

Thanks for checking it out.


  1. What an awesome idea! I love the picture where light is coming through the snowy windows! :)

  2. WHAT? You seriously amaze me with every post you do. This is great.
    I especially love how you just traced your pictures on the monitor because your printer was out of ink. LOL!

  3. Love this idea! I was just thinking about painting mirrors yesterday. I was considering writing on the one in our dining room for the party tomorrow night but wondered what to use.

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I love how simple it is! I am SO going to steal it! Oh and you have been pinned!


  5. Oh my goodness! I was really intrigued and amazed by the mirror, but then you stenciled the windows with spray snow! Awesome! I love it! I made a window decoration of my own this week. Just wish I had more time; I would definitely try the spray snow stencil!

    I'm gonna follow your blog just so I don't miss anything else.


  6. This is such a great idea and I like the faux snow look on the windows when you spell out the words. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You are a genius I tell ya! Very clever holiday ideas I LOVE IT!!! The moss mirror is my favorite.

  8. I have been so busy and missed this post. Your home is so pretty and I love this idea!

  9. The plant you have in the mirror frame looks like what we refer to as ball moss in South Texas. If it gets into the trees, they will slowly die as the moss reproduces and robs the trees of sunlight. Many oaks and other trees are dying in South Texas because of this. I really wonder why the plants are allowed to be sold due to the damage to the environment but it could just be a look alike. I would investigate them to ensure you do not accidentally transfer this harmful plant to your area!


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