Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter Mantle - Deer Booty Decor

Christmas has been fully decked out in our house for the past few weeks.  
I just haven't made time to post about it.  
It's an Ugg boot day around here so I'm staying home catching up on stuff around the house.

My DIY Sharpie and ballpoint pen deer on painter's drop cloth is making it's second Christmas appearance.  

We call him...
Deer Booty 
To see how I made him last year click here.

I styled my Deer Booty mantle with a small forest and some pine cones.  

The only new piece I added is this deer head wreath on a stick from Home Goods.
Deer Shish Kabob to go with Deer Booty.

I made the stockings last year out of some old sweaters taking up space in my closet.
Now if I could just get them to all face the same direction for a picture.  
I swear Christmas stockings are harder to take pictures of then pets and babies. 

I winterized my firewood basket.

To the right of the fireplace is my Great, Grandfather's chair.  
He was a doctor and it sat in his office waiting room.  
I draped the chair with a Flokati coat and a little tree.  
I've had this coat for over 20 years and never wear it.  Believe me I've tried.
My parents got it for me on a trip to Greece when they lived in Italy.
It's way too big and I look like the Abominable Snow Man when I wear it, really I do.  
Instead of me wearing it, the chair gets too.

I like trying to use things I already have in new and different ways.
To see how I decorated for Christmas last year go here.

Stay warm and cozy and happy Christmas decorating.
Thanks for checking it out.

The Lettered Cottage


  1. I love your Christmas decor. I've been working on decorating my house for the last couple days. Tonight is decorate the Christmas tree night.


  2. ValenzMom (aka Helen)November 30, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    I love the way you've decorated your home - and the way you decorated it last year, too. I've just about finished - at least that's what hubby says :). He's surrounded by Santas and pinecones, so he thinks we're done. I did get my Christmas wish this year, though. I scored a pristine vintage 5 ft. aluminum Christmas tree at a garage sale last weekend for $5. The lady I bought it from said she bought it in 1960 and used it twice! It came with the stand and the color wheel. I immediately brought it home, set it up and decorated it with red and gold balls and my vintage glass Santa ornaments. I love it!

  3. So pretty. Finally broke out our decor today. I am in the midst of planning a Christmas Event at church for 240 women!!! So, if I get anything done at home it is a miracle!

  4. Love your deer themed mantel! Such a perfect wintery theme. (Especially the abominable snow man.)

  5. I love the Deer Booty :) Those stocking are a great idea, I know I have plenty of sweaters taking up space. And that coat is awesome, what great memories with the chair.
    Hope your having a great week,

  6. I love everything about the deer booty!


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